Hi, there! 

I'm Kayla, an INFJ (I'm on the line between being an Introvert and Extrovert, but I'm fully Feeling) and proud Hufflepuff currently living in a small college town in Georgia with my hubby and our furbaby, Courage. I graduated with my bachelor's in mass communications in 2012 and I currently work as a student affairs professional at my alma mater. I love it!

I married my boyfriend of 6 years in September 2015, and we are loving married life! We lived together for several years before marriage, so we're not really trying to figure out how to co-habitate, but more-so how make a home out of rental without racking up fees. I'm currently working on my master's in counseling (student affairs, see above), but once I get that degree, we'll look into buying a house somewhere we love.

This blog is here for fun, but also for business. I talk a lot about the books I'm reading, shows I'm watching, things I'm wearing, stuff I'm making, how I'm decorating, and so much more. Hopefully you'll find something here to suit your fancy. Whether you do, or don't, I would love to hear from you, so make sure to leave comments when you stop by.

Some of my favorite things are burritos, coffee, cats, and Netflix. I also enjoy reading at the gym, laying in the floor of my office during my lunch hour, and being a big lumpy couch potato at home. I like to consider myself quite the bookworm, but I also really enjoy binge watching television shows.

I'm a cheapskate and I hate spending money, but I'll blow all my hard earned cash on food. Other than food, I spend the smallest amount of money possible on clothes, books, and other random things. I mostly only shop at yard sales, thrift stores, and in the dollar section of Target.

I'm so excited that you stopped by today, and I look forward to getting to know you better through the blogisphere.

If you're interested in contacting me, feel free to shoot me an email here, or contact me via social media @kaylakedavra.


DisclaimerI'm always interested in working with brands or other bloggers, however, I try to stick to brands/bloggers that I am actually interested in. Any opinions expressed are always and 100% my own. Anytime I receive free products for review, the post will clearly state that the product was received free for review at the bottom of the post. If no disclaimer is listed in the post, I purchased the product(s) myself without compensation.