In My Purse

(Hover to see links below.) 1. My phone, of course, with cutesy cat case (from The Spot  area in Target). 2. Make up bag fro...

(Hover to see links below.)

1. My phone, of course, with cutesy cat case (from The Spot area in Target).
2. Make up bag from Claire's, filled with medicines and diabetic necessities.
3. Sunglasses from Claire's in gifted case.
4. Pens and notebook from Target (both from The Spot area).
5. Meter to test my blood sugar.
6. Mini hair brush from Sally Beauty Supply.
7. Large zip wallet, from Target.
8. Dove Instant Dry Spray in Cool Essentials (mine is a sample size.)
9. Fendi eyeglasses.
10. Extra plugs (just in case!).
11. Ibuprofen.
12. Small spray bottle of glasses cleaner.
13. Emergency Swiss army kit (includes scissors, nail file, knife, screwdriver, tweezers and more! I couldn't tell you where it came from.).
14. Extra bobby pins.
15. Shout wipes.
16. Small personal mirror.
17. Lipsticks in three colors: orange-red (Claire's), strawberry pink (Dollar Tree), black cherry (Mary Kay).
18. Burt's Beeswax original.
19. Totes mini compact umbrella.
20. Office keys.
21. Portable floss.
22. Pocketbac sanitizer (right now I still have Pumpkin Cupcake, but Pink Chiffon is my favorite.).

Purse is from Target in Daring Pink.

What's in your purse?


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