Wedding Tips: How to Save on Save-the-Dates

As soon as we got our engagement pictures back, the very first thing I wanted to do was send out Save-the-Dates. I'd been patiently wait...

As soon as we got our engagement pictures back, the very first thing I wanted to do was send out Save-the-Dates. I'd been patiently waiting and I had coupon codes stacking up in my inbox. So, as soon as we received our pictures, and before even consulting with Andre which picture he liked best, I started creating Save-the-Dates on different stationary websites like Minted and Wedding Paper Divas. I knew I wanted postcard Save-the-Dates and to use a horizontal picture, but that was about as far as my must-haves went. I search through over 1,000 Save-the-Date styles and finally found one I absolutely loved, Andre liked it, and I had a 25% off coupon code. I was so excited and ready to order! There are approximately 100 people on our guest list, but only about 50 addresses to send to, so I decided it would be best to order 60, that way we don't start adding any extra people, but it gave us lee-way in case we actually forgot someone really important. So, I created the Save-the-Dates, selected that we wanted 60 and put in my coupon code. With shipping, the total came out to be close to 70 bucks with the coupon code, and I just couldn't. I realize it's our wedding and it will only happen once, but there are some things I feel a little more comfortable spending money on, and really, all that matters is we have each other and an officiant. The ceremony/reception/gifts are all a luxury.
So I searched for alternatives for close to a week. There were tons of cute Etsy designs that are more unique and you just pay like $20 and you can print out all you want, but I don't have a printer, or thick, nice paper, so that wasn't much of an option for me. Then it hit me: VistaPrint. I love this website, really. I've used it for several years, especially when it comes to making personalized gifts for family. A lot of the time,  you can get items for free, you just pay around $3 shipping and handling. I searched through the site and they actually have a section for wedding invitations/stationary. I found a designed I somewhat liked and used the customisable tools to create a Save-the-Date I was really in love with. I then Googled VistaPrint coupon codes and was able to get 50% off my order. You have to really search for the best deal because there are always several promotions that you can apply to your order.
I chose all the highest quality things, including thicker cardstock and with shipping and 60 Save-the-Dates, I only paid $18, and it was totally worth it. I plan to order our invitations through them as well.

Good through May 31, 2015, you can use INVITE40 for 40% off invitations and announcements.

Here's our finished Save-the-Date:

The back is a solid gold (same as the arrows at the bottom in the above picture) with our address and personalized logo with our initials. It also includes our personalized wedding website for guest convenience.

What/who have you used for high quality, inexpensive stationary needs?


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  1. We created ours using Microsoft Publisher and saved it as a jpeg. Then we uploaded it to Shutterfly. We had a coupon for 101 FREE 4x6 prints, so we paid less than $7 (just shipping)!

    1. Yours are beautiful by the way! Can't wait to get one! :)

    2. Yes! Anything to save money, because Lord knows I hate spending it. And I should be sending your's out this weekend. I think I have your address still from your Thank You card. :)

  2. I used Vistaprint for Save the Dates & Invites too. I also waited for coupon codes during Black Friday

    1. That's such a great idea! You shouldn't have to pay a ton to have quality items.