StudioWedBox: Box One

After lusting over subscription boxes for somewhat close to a year, I figured there was no better reason to splurge a little and give in to ...

After lusting over subscription boxes for somewhat close to a year, I figured there was no better reason to splurge a little and give in to a monthly subscription box than the fact that I am getting married in close to six months. I searched around for the best subscription boxes and found a wedding box that seemed to die for, StudioWedBox. The subscriptions come in three different varieties: One month subscription for $39.99/month, six month subscription for $34.99/month or a 12-month subscription for $29.99/month. It was little more than I wanted to pay, and hey, who doesn't like a discount, so I contacted them and asked for a discount, and surprise, they gave  me one! I got 20% off the subscription of my choosing, so I went with the 6-month box, so it would end about a month before the wedding.You can select to receive the first 6 months of the planning process or the last six months. I obviously chose the last six. I started my subscription at the first of February, but because of the inclement weather, I didn't receive my first box until early March. By the time I got the box, the anticipation was so strong, I wanted to burst. When I opened up my box, I was so excited.

A handwritten note. So far, so good.
Even though the note itself was pretty standard, the handwriting made it personal, a nice touch.

Once, I got further into the box, my excitement turned quickly to disappointment. 

My box included the following items (counter-clockwise from top left):
1. A note about stationary and how invitations should set the tone of the wedding. Okay, great. I like the idea, it gives an overview of the box's theme.
2. An envelope moistener (~$2). This is great. I can use this once I start mailing out invitations within the next few months.
3. Sample paper from Paper Source: 4 bi-fold cards, 4 flat cards, 2 place cards, 8 envelopes. (This is about $10-15 worth of paper, but that is seriously overpriced anyways). I can't use this random amount of paper and I've already sent out Save-the-Dates and I'm working on invitations. This isn't helpful, and I wouldn't use Paper Source either way. They are way overpriced and you can get better deals with Minted (who has fantastic paper you can sample for free).
4. A fine-point felt pen in black from Le Pen. ($7) This will be great for addressing envelopes or writing Thank Yous, but it's basically the same as the ultra fine Sharpies I used to address Save-the-Dates.
5. A stamp and ink pad from A Sensible Habit. ($15) It says "Why Thank You!" It's absolutely my favorite thing that came in the box, but I don't think just the stamp was worth what I paid.

I ordered a six-month subscription, so I will be receiving five more boxes. Let's hope the next boxes have better stuff inside. I do know that I will receive "some extras" in my March box because of the delay receiving my February box. Let's hope they step up their game.

Have you received a StudioWedBox before? What was your reaction? Have you had a subscription box that was completely disappointing? Tell me about your experience!


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