This Uneventful Week

This week seemed to last forever, but also fly by. It's a weird combination, but it's coming to an end and we can all be thankful fo...

This week seemed to last forever, but also fly by. It's a weird combination, but it's coming to an end and we can all be thankful for that.

I'd say this week has been pretty uneventful, but I can find the happy in just about anything!

I made some minor desk changes, including adding books as a phone stand, and adding a photo holder as a magnetic name tag holder. I also attached a few Command hooks under my desk to hold a small Swifter duster and my keys. (PS. I've had that picture/frame of my dad since middle school. It's one of my favorites! That's my mom and sisters in the other frame.)

I started crocheting. My best friend's mom taught me how to do it in high school, but I haven't actually done it since about junior year. I'm hoping I can make 50 small blankets by September for the wedding. High hopes? Yes. Can I do it? Maybe. I haven't finished one yet, but my goal is to finish at least one by the end of the month. (See my other goals for the month here.)

I bought some awesome, super comfy jeans from TJ Maxx with the gift card Andre bought me for Valentine's Day. They're very lycra-y and super comfy, but they're made to fit like basic jean (not jeggings). I also love the pinstripes on them. I have a feeling these will be a major Spring staple for me.

I made it through my first Meatless Monday. I never thought I could do it, but I did. And I plan to keep it up. Check out my recipe for bean burritos here, and start Meatless Monday for yourself. 

We had some great SPRING weather on Wednesday, but now it's Friday and literally freezing outside again. Oh, Georgia! But Wednesday was a great taste of what's to come. I got to wear a dress, my Wednesday lunch walk was amazing (but slightly humid). I can't wait for Spring to bring it on! I'm ready.

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  1. Meatless Monday sounds like an awesome idea! I don't usually eat a lot of meat anyways but I think having a few meatless days sounds really nice. It's great that you found some pants at TX Maxx, I love that place, especially all of their purses!

    1. Yes. I thought maybe it could be a small at that will help me to get healthier!
      And yes, they always have the best purses!

  2. Meatless Monday sounds like a great idea. I need to try that burrito recipe.

    Thanks for linking up to H54F!
    Della@ Della Devoted


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