Twenty-Six Scary/Creepy Movies to Watch this October

I love creepy movies and tv shows. I'll be honest, I'm a big baby and I watch these things with all the lights on, but regardless, I...

I love creepy movies and tv shows. I'll be honest, I'm a big baby and I watch these things with all the lights on, but regardless, I love them!

Movies that deal with any kind of possessions or spirits always scare the heebie-jeebies out of me. Seriously, they reach into my soul and petrify me. On the flip side, I enjoy a good slasher flick as much as the next guy.

Here are 26 must-watch movies to watch just in time for Halloween.

1. The Amityville Horror. You can watch the original or the remake. They're both really great films, but something about the updated Ryan Reynolds version really gets to me.
2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are an insane amount of versions of this film, but the original really takes the cake. Once again, feel free to pick your version (I just highly don't suggest the 'Next Generation' version with Matthew McConaughey).
3. The Conjuring. This movie is so terrifying to me. What makes it even worse is that the real family that this story is based on lives about 30 minutes from me now (they moved after the events from the movie).
4. You're Next. This movie is really a great movie. It's different from so many other films that are just being re-made over and over. I definitely suggest watching this one!
5. Audition. This film is Japanese, so you'll have to read some subtitles, but definitely a must-see. It may make you slightly sick to your stomach, but the creepy-factor is really high with this one.
6. The Cabin in the Woods. Look, I don't care what anyone says, this movie is pure gold. I don't want to ruin anything for you, but I will tell you this- The plot of this movie is so unexpected.

7. Evil Dead. I would recommend watching both, but the remake follows along really closely with the original. They are both really well made, and must-watch for anyone who enjoys horror films.
8. 28 Days Later. I enjoy this film, because it's such a well thought out zombie film. You'll become really entranced in the whole story line.
9. Dawn of the Dead (the remake). Following along with the zombie films, this is one of my absolute favorites- it has plenty of moments that will make you jump, but also funny moments too.
10. Nightmare on Elm Street. I really think they're all great. Freddy Krueger is one of the scariest killers to me because it's so hard to escape him. So any of the Elm Street films will frighten you. Hey, watch them all if you can!
11. The Shining. Okay, tell me this. What horror film list is this not on? The Shining is a classic and always will be.
12. The Scream saga. The first one will forever be the best, but I do like all four of them. This is an amazing series of slasher films.
13. The Fourth Kind. Okay, I believe in aliens. I said it, but I don't really want to discuss it any further at this point. The Fourth Kind includes actors and actual footage from therapy sessions with people who were believed to be abducted. Just the intro to the movie will make you feel unsettled. Honestly, the first time I tried to watch it, I couldn't even get through the intro.
14. The Descent. If you ever wanted to go exploring caves, you won't feel the need for that after this movie.
15. 30 Days of Night. I believe that if vampires were real, this is the kinds of beings they would be. They wouldn't be attractive beings we lust after. This movie makes me only want to visit Alaska when there's daylight.

16. Oculus. This movie will warp your mind, it's so good.
17. The Purge. Truly, just the idea that this could ever even be a reality in our world is something that is bone-chillingly terrifying.
18. Darkness Falls. I am so scared of the dark. Yes, I'm a grown up, but the dark is so numbing. This movie just gives you even more to be afraid of.
19. May. I saw this movie in high school, and it just really creeped me out. I feel like I'll spoil it if I tell you anything, so just find it, and watch it.
20. Parents. It may not seem so scary on the surface, but it's super creepy deep down. You'll be pretty shocked by what's really happening in this film.
21. Sinister. This movie was well thought out and really got under my skin. Some thing's just make you uneasy and this film is one of those things.
22. Devil. How do you feel about elevators? Yeah, I hate them, too. Here's another reason to hate them. Enjoy!

23. Sleepaway Camp. The entire trilogy is worth watching, but this movie's ending has one of the most surprising plot twists of all time.
24. Trick 'r' Treat. You'll enjoy this movie just based off the great cast.
25. Silent House. This movie's made in real-time, which makes everything such much more exciting and realistic.
26. Buried. Have you ever thought that a movie starring one person could actually be good? Well, it can be. Not to mention that one person is Ryan Reynolds, and if you have a fear of being buried alive, this will probably just make it worse.

Honorable mentions:
Anything Stephen King.
Anything Rob Zombie.
Anything M. Night Shyamalan.
Anything Eli Roth.

Comedic relief:
Pet Sematary was meant to be scary, and most likely was when it was made. The book is pretty terrifying, but some of these scenes just make me laugh at this point.
Little Shop of Horrors. It's a dark comedy, but Halloween appropriate. Very fun, and you'll love it if you're into musicals.
Dale and Tucker vs Evil. This movie is, once again, pure gold.
This is the End. Okay, it's a comedy, but it may really make you think about your life.

What's on your Halloween must-watch list? Lord knows there is so much that I'm missing off this list.

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