A Week in Photos: 23/52

This week has been hard. I have an anxiety disorder that's left me feeling loopy most of the week, and I forgot to take a picture on Sun...

This week has been hard. I have an anxiety disorder that's left me feeling loopy most of the week, and I forgot to take a picture on Sunday. (Honestly, I cannot even remember what happened on Sunday or what I did. Did I sleep all day?) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your week!
My birthday is exactly a week away (I'll be 26!), and we're taking a beach camping trip. So next week should be awesome (two-weeks for the post).

June 2: I was so tired this day. I had been at the ER the night before until 1 in the am with my mom (she's okay!), then I had to be to work early for a new transfer student orientation (where I had to give a presentation), then I left work early to go to the doctor for the rest of the day. I was so exhausted. I don't know if you can see the clock, but it was before 7:30 when I crawled into bed. (Also, how freaking cute is Courage in this picture?!)

June 3: National Donut Day. How many times did I go to Dunkin' this day for free donuts? I'll never tell. (Also, that donut tasted way better than it looks. It was a powdered donut with chocolate creme inside.)

June 4: Andre and I went to Red Lobster with the MIL and she was being freaking hilarious. I was laughing so hard, I could not breathe. Also, if you haven't tried the tilapia tacos at Red Lobster, you should. The spicy dressing they put on there is so good. I got some extra and put on my rice. SO GOOD!
June 5: Oopsy daisy. I forgot to take a picture.

June 6: After another all day venture to different doctors offices, we made some artisan grilled cheeses at home. They were really easy. It's multigrain sliced bread topped with crispy bacon, 3 slices of sharp white cheddar, and sliced avocados, and then buttered bread grilled on the George Foreman. After complaining every time I had tried to make these before, Andre LOVED them (sans avocado).

June 7: I've been requesting polos for our office since I started and we finally got them! The blue is the one everyone got, but of course I had to order a purple and pink. Will I ever wear a different shirt to work again!? (These are just too easy!)

June 8: Steak 'n Shake sent me a free double steakburger with cheese meal for my birthday, so I had that for dinner while Andre was at an eSports event with a friend. I added the chili and cheese to my fries, but you can't beat $1 for a full dinner!

How was your week?

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  1. Nowwww I'm hungry, those tacos and grilled cheese look SO good!

    1. They were both so good. And the tacos were only like $10 (cheap for Red Lobster), and the grilled cheese was super easy to make!

  2. Those grilled cheeses look SO amazing!