101 in 1001 Update #1

In June, I went live with a 101 in 1001 post, which ranges from everything from health to travel to school. You can check out the original p...

In June, I went live with a 101 in 1001 post, which ranges from everything from health to travel to school. You can check out the original post here. Or just check in below to see what I've actually accomplished in the past five months.

Adventure, Fun, & New Things
1. Travel to five new places (at least two new states). We took a trip to Asheville, NC(see trip here) and that was new to both of us!
11. Go camping. Well, we did this for my birthday in June. See post here.
23. Go to at least five different concerts. Since June, we've gone to the following concerts: ScHoolboy Q, Ray LaMontagne, and Music Midtown.
28. Try 10 new restaurants. I've tried Shake Shack, Evan's BBQ (local), White Duck Taco Shop(Asheville local), Gabe's Downtown (local), and Chatt & Choo (local) so far. Any recommendations?

Health, Beauty & Fitness
38. Meet with a dermatologist to get my moles checked and removed. Completed 6/6/16 - no issues!
39. Get a crown put on my broken tooth. Had broken tooth removed. Will have to get a bridge or implant.
40. Complete at least one 5k each year. I've done two this year: the Bubble Run (October) and the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes (November)

51. Move into a bigger house. Completed 7/31/16, yippee!

62. Finally pay off my library fees. Completed 9/2/16 and I'm now a library-aholic.


73. Make a Facebook page for the blog.  Completed 9/16/16. (Check it out and like it here!)

Books & TV
76. Spend a day reading on the beach. I did this back in July, reading In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware.
77. Read at least 100 books. I've read 31 books since June 1, when I started my 101 in 1001. (Add me on Goodreads here to follow along!)
79. Catch up on Game of Thrones. I am all caught up, until next season!

Love & Marriage
91. Take a one-year anniversary trip. (2016).  We took our one-year trip to Asheville, NC-see trip here.

Give Back
94. Volunteer five times. I've volunteered once this year by working the registration table at the Tour de Cure 6/11/16.
96. Donate blood two times each year. I've donated once this year.
98. Vote in the presidential election. Of course I voted on November 8!

Career & Development
99. Complete my Master's degree in Student Affairs/Counseling with a 3.5 or higher GPA.  I've started my program, so that's something at least!

Do you have a 101 in 1001 list? Leave the link in the comments below so I can check it out!

I'm linking up with Macy over at To Travel and Beyond for this post today.

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  1. 31 books since June?! You go girl!! You are making such great progress on your list, I am so excited to keep cheering you along as you work to complete it!!

    1. I've definitely made reading a priority this year! I set the goal to read 100 books in the 1001 days, but I definitely think I'll surpass that! :)

  2. You have done so much, way to go! I love how much you read and always get great suggestions from you. I didn't realize you had a facebook page-following along there now too!

    1. Thank you, Emelia! You're always so kind. :) And thank you. I definitely made reading a priority this year, and I'm so glad I did.
      And my FB page is so new, it's dreadful!

  3. Great job! I've been putting off going to the dermatologist but I should really just sit down and make an appointment. It's sweet that you have anniversary traditions! I really wanted to go on a trip for my wedding anniversary every year (which is tomorrow actually lol) but this year it won't work out because we have a wedding to go to this weekend :/ so I guess that kind of counts and we might have to plan better next year!

    1. Thanks, Kasi! It was nerve-wracking to go through (I worry so much!), but it was such a relief to actually get it over with.
      And I hope y'all can start some new traditions, and hopefully spend some time together during your wedding trip! Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!