Thanksgiving Home Decor (The Forgotten Holiday)

So, several weeks ago, I talked about decorating for the Harvest season (including Halloween and Thanksgiving) and picked some of my f...

So, several weeks ago, I talked about decorating for the Harvest season (including Halloween and Thanksgiving) and picked some of my faves for fall decor. So, today, I want to talk a little about that transition between Halloween and Thanksgiving. While so many people are already putting up Christmas decorations, I don't want to bypass the holiday with the best foods. I tend to decorate for Christmas on Black Friday (after shopping, of course!), so here are a few tips for transitioning into Thanksgiving decor. (Keep an eye out for the transition into Christmas, coming the week after Thanksgiving, of course.)

Welcome Wreath

I appreciate a good wreath any time of the year! This one below is adorable for the entire fall season, and doesn't cover our peephole, which is definitely a plus!

Entryway Table or Mantle

We don't have a mantle, but I enjoy decorating our entryway table. For those of you with a mantle, these decorations can work for those or an entryway table. Of course, it's all preference! In this transition, I replaced the pumpkins with a harvest-themed door swag! I left a few small pumpkins on the table, but used the swag as the focus. I also hung a couple of layered banners to add some flair to the wall.


Why, yes. We did add another bookshelf since the decorating with pumpkins post. Thanks for noticing! Here, I added some gourds above the shelf and within the shelving to fill space!


I love filling the empty space above our cabinets. I use it as extra storage space, but it's also a great place to subtly add decor, as well. It was as simple here as place a pumpkin above the cabinet.

Use practical items to decorate, too, including salt and pepper shakers, dish towels, and potholders.

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving, or do you skip straight from Halloween to Christmas? What tricks and tips do you have for holiday decorating?

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  1. I love the simplicity of Thanksgiving decor! I always do a woodsy, harvest type for fall and leave it up for Thanksgiving if we have people at our house. This year we are traveling for Thanksgiving, so I will be putting my Christmas tree up before we leave :)

    1. Yes! I mean, granted, I love the woodsy look year round, but it's such an easy fall/harvest look! And yay for Christmas!


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