A Week in Photos: 44/52

Welp, guys. Halloween is officially over, which means that everyone is skipping right over Thanksgiving to get to Christmas. But hey, don...

Welp, guys. Halloween is officially over, which means that everyone is skipping right over Thanksgiving to get to Christmas. But hey, don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I'm keeping my pumpkins up a little longer. I generally like to decorate for Christmas on Black Friday, and I'll keep that tradition going.
If you're wondering why I'm posting of Friday instead of my usual Thursday post, it's because I had my first Collective Bias sponsored shop post go live yesterday (I'm so excited! You can check it out here.) So I've gone ahead and included through yesterday, and next week will just be Friday-Wednesday.

Thursday, 10/27: I finally received my Lumos shirt in the mail. I'd ordered it back at the end of September, but it was a charitable purchase and the shirts weren't printed until the ordering closed. If you're not sure of what Lumos is, it's an organization founded by J.K. Rowling that is working to find families for orphans. You can find out more about the foundation here!

Friday, 10/28: We had a costume and decoration contest at work, and our office dressed up as villains and held a super secret evil meeting in our evil conference room lair, which you can see above.

Saturday, 10/29: I was a busy lady this day. I spent the day making Courage a tee-pee (see link at the top of the post) and building a new bookshelf. My whole body ached the next day, but I was so happy with our new shelf and decor!

Sunday, 10/30: We took Andre's mom out for her birthday and hit up Second & Charles (a thrifty entertainment store). I love that place, because you can find some great deals on books and there's a Starbucks attached.
Monday, 10/31: HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I did nothing, but take some pictures of this adorable tee-pee I made for Courage. (You can learn how to make your own here!)

Tuesday, 11/1: I stopped by the bank and noticed they got new ATMs installed. (This is sadly the only picture I took all day!)

Wednesday, 11/2: I got home and was just in awe of how pretty it was outside, so I took this picture our driveway.

Thursday, 11/3: I had some big things happening this day and got pretty spiffy'd up. The bad news? Those shoes killed my feet. *sobs*

What did you get into this week?

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  1. Your cat is seriously the cutest! I'm glad I'm not the only one that takes photos of ATMs and such, it's fun when they are new things to breakup the mundane tasks. Yay for big things happening! Even though the shoes killed your feet, they are adorable!

    1. Yes! I was loving those shoes. They're so classy, but they gave me HORRIBLE blisters and I was devastated.
      And thank you. She's a big fluffball and I love her to death.
      And it's so wonderful to breakup the mundane, I agree!

  2. Hey there! Glad to connect with you through the ornament exchange! I love your black top in the bookstore picture and cat teepee is tooooo cute!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Lisa! I'm excited to connect with you, as well!