Some of My Favorite Christmas Traditions

My family doesn't have a whole ton of traditions like others may, but that's okay with me. We have always enjoyed our time sp...

My family doesn't have a whole ton of traditions like others may, but that's okay with me. We have always enjoyed our time spent together, during Christmas or otherwise, and that time with family is what's important. Several of us within the family have worked retail management positions in the past and holiday-time constitutes blackout dates where no time off could be taken, so we've had roadblocks in the past where we were unable to participate in a ton of festivities during Christmastime. Still, there are a few things we do every year, that I hope will continue until I'm old and grey.

Christmas Eve presents. My family has, for as long as I can remember, opened our presents on Christmas Eve. We've always done all of our gifts on Christmas Eve (except Santa gifts), and now that we're older (besides the grandbabies), we still do our gifts on the Eve, but have stockings on Christmas morning. So, even though I don't live at home anymore, Andre and I will spend Christmas Eve with my family, then stop by on the morning of  Christmas to see what's in our stockings before heading out to his mom's house. We're lucky enough that both of our parents live within 30 minutes of us, so we can see both on holidays.

Other things we've done in the past is driving around to look at Christmas lights, visiting Fantasy in Lights in Pine Mountain, and a must for me is wearing my beloved Christmas sweaters (I have nine!). Additionally, we've made pictures with Santa, had Courage's pictures made with Santa, and built gingerbread villages.

I hope as Andre and I move forward in our relationship, we begin to develop traditions. We sent out Christmas cards last year, but didn't do it this year. I'm hoping it's something we continue to do in the future, though. This year, we attended his company Christmas party, so that's something I'd love to see happen in the future. Of course, I'd love to start family traditions especially when we have children. So we'll see which traditions grow between us down the road.

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  1. I'm right there with you in not having many family traditions. I felt like I did until I had to write them down and was like crap...we don't have traditions. My boyfriend and I now are determined to make our own and to one day continue them with children. Every year as a kid I would ask to open a present on Christmas eve and my parents never let us. My parents always wrapped most of the gifts after my brother and I went to bed on Christmas Eve so I'm sure thats why. I love your Christmas tradition!!

    1. Traditions are definitely something I want more of. They are important to me, but I've never really had a lot. It's probably because it gives me something to look forward to and to have a plan.