A Week in Photos: 52/52

The year's end has finally come and passed, and unfortunately, this will be my last post for my 2016 "A Week in Photos" posts...

The year's end has finally come and passed, and unfortunately, this will be my last post for my 2016 "A Week in Photos" posts. I've decided not to continue with these posts in 2017, because over the course of the year, these posts started to feel like a chore, and I was no longer enjoying them. I look forward to sharing my life updates via posts, but not necessarily weekly updates. 

I hope you'll keep up with me in 2017!

Thursday, 12/22: A coworker brought in some donuts to work from a local donut shop, and jeez Louise. were they good. This one's a carrot cake (my favorite). 

Friday, 12/23: Finished up some last minute gift wrapping before hoping over to my parents' house for Christmas festivities.

Saturday, 12/24: Merry Christmas Eve folks. 

Sunday, 12/25: Hubby gifted me with the best presents ever! How awesome is he?
Monday, 12/26 & Tuesday, 12/27: Just being lazy and lots of lounging around and whatnot forced me to forget to snap any pictures. Happy holidays, folks!

Wednesday, 12/28: Andre and I had dinner with my friend, Julie, and she gave me this awesome Marauders Map mug (it's bigger than my face!), and a sugar-free cookbook and a Fantastic Beasts calendar! 

Thursday, 12/29: Just sharing some teatox bags during my last few days of my SkinnyMint teatox.

Friday, 12/30: More lounging. Just living the life here, y'all!

Saturday, 12/31: Happy New Year's Eve! Andre and I stopped by the local donut shop (where the carrot cake donut above came from) and got coffee and some donuts. I got the carrot cake again. It's just too good!

How was your last week of 2016?

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  1. That carrot cake donut sounds amazing! My husband and I always accidentally end up getting each other similar gifts, and this year our theme ended up being HP, which was awesome! I got him the two illustrated editions, and even though I read the whole series through in the last third of 2016, I think I'm going to have to start again just to read the illustrated versions!

    1. I would recommend it! The illustrated versions are a completely different experience. So worth it!


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