Book Review: Tell-All by Chuck Palahniuk

Brief synopsis : Written almost as a script for a movie, this novel is narrated by maid Hazie Coogan, and is a story of Miss Kath...

Brief synopsis: Written almost as a script for a movie, this novel is narrated by maid Hazie Coogan, and is a story of Miss Katherine Kenton - world-renowned movie star. It's your not so classic girl meets boy, boy plots to kill girl story, with your standard explicit name-dropping.

I really enjoy Chuck Palahniuk, I really do. But Tell-All was tough for me to get through, and there's a 99% chance that it's because I hardly know anything about classic Hollywood. And this book is definitely an homage to old Hollywood. From what I could understand, almost all the characters and mentions throughout the book are from that period of film.

I really liked the story, though. Hazie has been Katherine's maid for a very long time - through countless marriages, and lost pups, and films galore. Because of this, Hazie wants nothing more than to protect her. So, when a new man (or should I say boy) shows up in Katherine's life with a prewritten plot to kill Katherine, Hazie is bound to stop that from happening.

Ironically, I would have enjoyed the story more so in actual movie format. So this wasn't my favorite Palahniuk book, much like Beautiful You. This book was interesting, I could've done without reading it.

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