Five Things I Keep in my Office at All Times

We probably spend more time (waking hours) at work than we do at home, right? So, our work environment should be a happy, homey pla...

We probably spend more time (waking hours) at work than we do at home, right? So, our work environment should be a happy, homey place. At least, I think so.

So I have a collection of items that I always have in my office to make my area feel personalized to who I am.

The perfect tumbler to make sure I'm drinking water throughout the day. Seriously, there's a Chick-fil-a in my building, and I want to be drinking tea all. the. time. But I use my Reduce Silicone Grip COLD1 24 oz. tumbler, and fill it up usually three or four times a day, so I'm definitely meeting my water intake needs. I love this tumbler because it keeps my drinks cold. And if I wanted to remove the straw and drink a hot drink, it would also keep it hot. The lid is versatile, so it works three ways (with the straw, chug a cold drink, or sip a hot one).

I love my smell goods, so I have both an essential oil diffuser and a wax warmer in my office, which I use interchangeably. Plus, my oil diffuser has mood lights, so that's always a fun little thing to have going, even if I'm not using the oils.

When I worked at Earthbound, I learned a bit about Himalayan salt stones, and they're really neat. They're natural air purifiers, and can relieve minor ailments like headaches. I've always gotten headaches pretty bad, but when I started working a desk job, staring at the computer all day really started affecting me. I actually wear prescription digital glasses because it was affecting my vision and giving my terrible headaches. So, adding the salt-stone is something I did for my personal health. And I love it so much. It doesn't hurt that they're so dang cute and funky looking. (This one is an easy USB one that plugs right into my computer.)

My office isn't quite a cubicle - it's built ceiling to floor with a door, but it was basically built/installed as a quick fix because we have more staff than we originally had room for. So, I don't have a window to outside or anything like that, which means it can get quite toasty in my office, especially if I close the door. My office is also fairly small, so a tower fan wouldn't really have anywhere to stand. A small USB desk fan is a perfect solution.


My family is the most important thing to me in the world, so my office could never be complete without a piece of them here with me. I obviously have to scatter pictures of them all over the place to feel right at home.

Maybe I have a lot, but I've got to pour into my own cup and this is one of those ways.

What items are a personal office requirement of yours?

I have received payment or product in exchange for this post, however, all opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

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  1. love how homey you've made that place feel. wishing that I had my own space at the dental school since I spend so much time there 😭

    1. Girl - you are working so hard. You will get there and eventually have your own space!

  2. What a cute space. I would Be getting waffle fries and cherry coke every day hahahah

    1. I basically do. I love waffle fries so much. It's the best and worst thing that could happen to me. Lol.