How to Throw a Classy Black & White Batman Birthday Party

My nephew recently turned six and my sister was the mastermind behind an amazing black and white, super classy Batman party. She even ...

My nephew recently turned six and my sister was the mastermind behind an amazing black and white, super classy Batman party. She even had a fantastic Batman Birthday Boy baseball tee made for him with his name and age on the back! Check out all the deets for the party below.

We hosted at Chick-fil-a for no cost, but you could really host at any place that works for you. CFA worked well because we were able to reserve a section and have tables blocked off, and we were able to fully make use of the playground, as well. That's all some six year-olds needed: food, cake, and a playground. No need for anything fancy.

(PS. Anything with a * below was purchased at Dollar Tree!)

For the tablescapes:

Plastic tableclothes (black & white) *
Laminated Batman placemats
Large black paper plates (square) *
Small black paper plates (round) *
Black plastic flatware *
Black & white paper straws *
Plastic Batman cups
Paper Batman masks 
Plastic cutout bats
Yellow vases (filled with black sand) * - topped with Batman & Joker character figures
Cape on the back of each chair

For the wall decor: 

"6" mylar blow-up balloon *
"NA NA NA" mylar blow-up balloons
DIY Batman mask banner (created with only felt and twine)
Several helium-filled latex balloons (black & white)

Cake table:
Black & white sheet cake - homemade stencil & edible glitter for the Batman symbol
Framed printed graphic *
Stuffed Batman plush to hold a few balloons

For the goodies table:

Cityscape created with foam board and yellow duct tape *
Plastic cutout bats
Paper popcorn boxes with printed Batman stickers
Goodies - slap bracelets, pencils, masks, bubbles, finger puppets, beads, rubix-style cube (all Batman-branded except masks and beads)

My sister purchased nugget trays, tea, and lemonade and we served the kiddos. The cow came out (dressed in a cape!) after lunch. It was honestly such a big hit, and definitely a budgeted party. I don't have kids of my own, but I do believe most kids are pretty easy to please. I feel like so many parties are thrown for the parents to try to one-up others, but kids just want to hang out with their friends, have some cake, see a giant cow, and play on the playground.

This was such a fantastic birthday party and props to my sister for all her hard work. I'm glad I got to help out with some of the little details.

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  1. Love the post so much. I truly appreciate your hard work and help. You never cease to amaze me.
    If anyone has questions about the decor or other items (bought or made) let me know! Questions about hosting a party at Chick-fil-A, I can help with that, too. :)