Places to Consider When You Really Want to Get Away From It All

Does anyone else need a vacation? Life can be pretty hectic, and especially at the start of the year because we don't really have any ho...

Does anyone else need a vacation? Life can be pretty hectic, and especially at the start of the year because we don't really have any holidays off between MLK Jr Day and Memorial Day. But sometimes, all you really need is a chance to get away from it all. Let's face it, the world can be a pretty tough and unforgiving place a lot of the time and many of us find ourselves struggling not to get completely overwhelmed by it all. So why wouldn't you want to have the chance to take a break and get away from all of the stress and pressure of modern life? And there really is no better way to do that than a vacation. However, that raises the important question: what kind of destinations are right for you when you're trying to really just get away? After all, there are plenty of great vacation destinations that aren't exactly going to leave you feeling relaxed. Sure, they might be incredibly exciting, but they're not going to recharge your batteries in the way that you might need. They say you need a staycation after your vacation and I totally agree with that. A lot of the time, vacations are more jam-packed than daily life. So, with that in mind, here are some assumingly perfect destinations for when you really just want to get away from it all.


If you're the kind of person who is totally fascinated by ancient history and civilizations, there really is no better place in the world for you than Peru. You can trek up into the mountains to see the ancient temples and ruins for yourself along the Inca Trail and at Machu Picchu, but if you're not much of the hiking sort, then you can still view the country's amazing history in various museums and galleries. Not only that but there are plenty of amazing handcrafts to find in Peru's various towns and villages populated by the fascinating locals.


A lot of people have Africa on their list of travel destinations for things like safari and explorations of their culture. And to be honest, Africa would be high on my list of places I'd love to visit. However, instead of going to the same African countries as everyone else, why not go off the beaten path and try somewhere like Tanzania. For one thing, the country boasts three of Africa's seven natural wonders including the highest mountain in Africa and the continents deepest lakes. Not only that but the sheer variety, volume, and diversity of wildlife is enough to give anyone a safari experience that they're going to remember for the rest of their life! It's the kind of trip that will almost have you wishing that you could just give up on modern life and live with the animals instead!


A lot of people have something of a skewed view of Vietnam in the west because of the relationship that certain western countries have had with it in the past. But the truth is that Vietnam is one of the most amazing and naturally beautiful places on the face of the earth. From the amazing forests to the breathtaking caves, Vietnam has landscapes unlike anywhere else in the world. And that's not even mentioning the thriving culture of the country. If there's one thing that the people of Vietnam can do better than anywhere else, it's food. Whether you're looking for amazing street food, or fresh meat and fish, there's nothing like the food that's available in this incredible country.


There's nothing like a beach vacation. The sand under your feet, the gently rolling waves, the sun above your head. But few things can ruin that experience than having to share it with thousands of other tourists all at once. I'm telling you, I hate a crowded beach. That's why Mozambique is such an amazing place. Boasting some of Africa's most beautiful beaches, many of the places in Mozambique are also very secluded and offer you the chance to spend some quality time away from it all relaxing and refreshing yourself. Not only that but it has some of the very best fresh seafood on the face of the earth! Not to mention, Mozambicans are some of the most wonderful, friendliest people in the world, and they are always willing to share their time and a kind word with travelers.


Montana might not be the most obvious state in the USA to travel to, but that's exactly what makes it such an amazing destination for your next vacation. It's actually high on the list of places my family wishes to visit one day, so I would love to take my parents out to see the beauty of the state. And sure, there are plenty of amazing things to see and do in the more well-known states, but then you're going to have to deal with huge crowds of tourists and you could well end up more stressed than before! Montana is the kind of place you go when you want to get away from people and just fall in love with the natural beauty all around you. From the Rocky Mountains to Big Sky, Montana is one of the most breathtaking places in the USA. And if you're after something a little more exciting than just taking in the scenery, then check out this post on what to do in Big Sky to see just how much this amazing state has to offer. This really is an example of just how much you can benefit from going off the beaten path and taking a risk on a place that you might not otherwise have considered.

Of course, one of the most important things to remember is that the kind of vacation that you really need to rest, recharge your batteries, and get away from it all is going to be completely different from the kind of vacation that is ideal for someone else. It's always worth doing as much research as possible to figure out where your perfect destination really is, but a lot of the time the best thing you can do is just to go with your gut and find the kinds of places that really feel like they have what you're looking for. Don't be afraid to take a risk and try somewhere you're not really familiar with. A lot of people find themselves wanting to stick to the same few destinations time and time again but the truth is that that can get pretty stale after a while. Don't be afraid to try somewhere new and unusual on your next trip.

Have you visited any of the places above?

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