48 Hours in Mobile, Alabama

I headed out to Mobile, Alabama for the first time just a few weeks ago for a conference. We were there for less than 48 hours, and we...

I headed out to Mobile, Alabama for the first time just a few weeks ago for a conference. We were there for less than 48 hours, and we stayed within a few miles radius of our hotel (we stayed at the Renaissance Riverview Plaza) the entire time, but we were able to get some great little walks and experiences in. (The one full day we were there, we walked almost 10 miles!)

Honestly, Mobile was kind of weird, in a calming way. The area we were in was "downtown," but unlike other downtown city areas (hello, Atlanta), it was very calm and slow. We were there Tuesday through Thursday, so maybe the weekends are popping? We arrived a week after Mardi Gras (Mobile is the birthplace of the celebration), and there were beads everywhere. But the streets were clean, and we felt safe during our "excursions."

My friend, Brittney, who is avid cruise lover, was excited to be so close to a cruise port, and we even got to see a cruise ship during its hours docked across from our hotel. (To say she was excited is an understatement.) It was a pretty calm city and experience, but I honestly probably wouldn't want to go for more than a few days at a time. It would probably be a great location to spend a bit of time in prior to heading out on a cruise.

First stop, coffee.

Serda's Coffee Company was right next to our hotel, and we went there at least four times. They have lavender coffee (which is my favorite), though it's not on the menu. Not to mention you can sub your ice cubes for coffee cubes. Their hot coffee selection is pretty vast, with a variety of origins, so it's a great shop for a coffee connoisseur. Me? I mostly stuck with the lavender iced americano - which is my go-to every time. Serda's is also home to a variety of gelatos (max of five samples - I learned the hard way) and a killer breakfast burrito.

And check out the Trollies collection.

Dauphin Street.

Now, the place to go is Dauphin Street. It's basically a mini NOLA (coming from someone who's literally never been to New Orleans). There's amazing bars and restaurants, concert venues, art attractions, city parks (think: tiny Savannah, GA). This is obviously where all the Mardi Gras action took place. Check out some of my faves from the street.

Street art.

We happened to stumble across this amazing street art from artist DeAnthony Dulaney, so I obviously had to snap some pictures. How great are these?

The cutest indie bookstore.

The Haunted Book Shop isn't actually haunted, but it boasts an upstairs and downstairs, a chillaxing children's station, and tons of local author selections. There's even an area upstairs to sit, read, and relax with complimentary coffee and tea.

I was sure to put a pin in from back home.

Dauphin Street eateries.

OK Bicycle Shop was my favorite place and I would've eaten there for every single meal. They're attached to a sushi place called Liquid Sushi Lounge (not the best name, I agree), so you can pick up a ton of craft beers, sushi, and tacos all in one place. I had a single unagi, a Chandeleur Island Brewery Gulf Coast Sour series sour ale (which are my favorite), and two fish tacos (one grilled, one fried). They were so fresh and incredible! Plus, the service was fantastic.

Another favorite was Panini Pete's. It was much closer of a walk, so we were able to visit a couple of times. We stopped by twice before they were actually open (once after 3, when we arrived and once around 6:30am after taking a wellness walk around the area). I presented at the conference we attended, and in celebration we headed to Panini Pete's to try to beignets. They're supposed to be the best, second only to Café du Monde's (but again, I've never been to NOLA so I'm not one to talk). I will say, they were amazing. I'd never had beignets before. I got the traditional "hip hop" beignets - squeeze the lemon over them, and they're basically soft, dough-y Savannah Smiles (I'm so mad at you Girl Scouts, for discontinuing them after this year, btw.). Brittney ordered the banana nut - we shared and they were both so delicious (and honestly, so inexpensive).

We even got to meet Panini Pete himself (though we didn't realize it until after the fact). He was so kind!

We even discovered this delicious hole-in-the-wall has been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, which is always a selling point for me. Guy Fieri declared the house roasted turkey sandwich the "state bird of Flavor Town," so I obviously had to try it. And y'all. He was not wrong.

Moon Pie General Store.

Before we headed back home, we make a quick stop at the Moon Pie General Store, just off Dauphin Street. I will say I'm a bit confused on this one, because I thought Moon Pies were a big Chattanooga staple, but Mobile seems to be claiming it, too. Who knows? I ended up buying some mini pies for hubby though, because no matter how hard I try - I just cannot enjoy Moon Pies.

Bye bye, Mobile!

And for those of you who have seen the leprechaun, say YEAH! This sign cracked me up when I saw it. It was perfect timing since we were there right before St. Patrick's Day.

Have you ever visited Mobile? What are some of your favorite gems in the area?

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  1. This looks like a great time. I love posts like this because they give fun ideas for short weekend trips!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm so glad you found this to be helpful for you! We had so much fun, for sure.