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Interested in the book pocket tote? Get from Book of the Month. I get asked a lot how I read so much. I work full-time, I just grad...

Interested in the book pocket tote? Get from Book of the Month.

I get asked a lot how I read so much. I work full-time, I just graduated grad school in May, I started a new job, not to mention spending time with the hubby, running this blog, and just living life in general. The fact of the matter is - I love to read. I make it a priority. And while I may not be out there reading 20 books a month like some folks, I still read a lot. "They" try to say millennials are out here killing everything, but we've brought books back to life and kept independent bookstores alive. Here are six tips to try to incorporate more reading into your life and read just as much as I do (if not more).

1. Carry Books With You

This is my number one tip for how to read more. I carry a big purse and there is always a book inside. And if I'm close to finishing that book, I tote a second one just in case. I read when I get to work early, I read on lunch. I absolutely always take my book for errands and appointments, like the doctor's office or car services. Plus, I always read at least a chapter before I go to sleep every night.

2. Pick Stories You Enjoy

Trying to power through a story you don’t enjoy is a waste of time. Whenever you realize you don’t like a book, you should put it down. While some people may call you a quitter, giving up a novel you're hating simply means you have time to read one you'll actually like. Reading shouldn’t be a chore, so don’t make it one. You have no obligation to spend time on any book you don’t want to. (Even though I almost never DNF a book, so maybe I should take my own advice.)

3. Make Quiet Reading Spaces

For many people, myself included, reading needs concentration and focus. Because of this, it may be best to read in quiet spaces. Consider making a place you're comfortable in by closing the door, turning off the phone, and grabbing a blanket. You can even gather snacks and drinks. Sweet treats and a mug of coffee (or tea) go well with a book, so click here for the best chocolate peanut butter cookies. I tend to try to eliminate every possible distraction.

4. Read Many Different Books

This strategy doesn’t work for everyone, but reading multiple books at once can help the right type of person. I tend to only read one book at a time - I struggle to balance multiple stories at once. But if it works for you, what it does is keep the mind and thoughts fresh, so you don’t get bored quickly. You could keep different books in different locations- maybe a biography in the bedroom, a thriller downstairs, and a romance on-hand.

5. Join A Book Club

Like attending a fitness group, joining a book club can hold you accountable to actually finish a book you've started. If you’re the only one that doesn’t read that month’s novel, you’ll probably feel bad about it. While different book clubs have their own processes, most of the time being in a book club would motivate you to read more. Not only will you get suggestions from other avid readers, but you’re given a chance to discuss those books with them too. You may even want to consider an online book club, or online buddy reads, if fitting book club meetings into your schedule doesn't work. There are tons on Facebook or Instagram to choose from.

6. Give Yourself A Deadline

We tend to read library books much faster than those we own. This is because those books have a due date, whereas those you’ve paid for don’t. Because of this, setting yourself a deadline when you begin a new novel could encourage you to get it read. Alternatively, you could take part in a reading challenge. I participate in the Popsugar Reading Challenges every year because there's flexibility, but it's also incredibly motivating for me. Reading challenges also encourage you to read new stories.

Maybe these tips will help you read more. What encourages you to read?

*This is a collaborative post. 

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  1. These are such good tips. I'm trying to remember to bring books with me to work to read on my lunch too! Book clubs have helped me too- read things by a deadline and sometimes things that I wouldn't normally think to pick up. Great tips!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you feel this post was helpful. :) I agree with the tips about book clubs, but I say the same for reading challenges - sometimes the most thought-provoking books are those I wouldn't have picked up on my own.

  2. Thanks for this friend. I picked up the book I started 2 months ago the other night and realized just how much I’ve missed reading!