Mini Living Room Refresh with The Slipcover Company

I received free product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.   Since moving in together over nine years ago, hubby an...

I received free product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.


Since moving in together over nine years ago, hubby and I have mostly only collected larger pieces of furniture from thrift stores or hand-me-downs. I mean, we've bought bookshelves and some tables, but couches and bedroom furniture, we've never really taken the plunge to make a big purchase of furniture on our own. At this point, we're probably on our third or fourth living room set, but all had been used and therefore weren't typically in the best of shape when we got them.

To be clear, I hate our current living room furniture. I think the set is hideous, but it was handed down to us and we've been appreciative of having the set. We're hoping to purchase a home very soon, so we're holding off on making any furniture purchases (or really even housewares purchases) until we know where we're moving. Of course, we want to make furniture purchases that mesh well with the look of our new home. But every single day, I think about how much I truly dislike our sofa and loveseat.

So when a representative from The Slipcover Company reached out to see if I'd be willing to review some slipcovers, I jumped at the chance. It was an opportunity for a fun little refresh without having to purchase all new furniture.

Our set is not a sofa with basic cushions - instead the back of the sofa set is covered in a multitude of pillows. So a slipcover isn't necessarily the perfect solution, but adding those covers has really updated the look and comfort of our living room set.

I chose the gray twill two piece set for the sofa and the loveseat, but maybe I should've went with khaki or natural? That was an error on my end. The gray still is fine, but the more beige-tone colors would've likely fit better with the pillows on our living room set, but the gray is still a great neutral. Either way, I'm glad to have the majority of the hideous set covered. The twill is also a bit nicer to sit on than the original fabric, whatever it is. It was beginning to get a bit torn and ragged (having a cat scratching at it throughout the night wasn't a big help in that area).

The descriptions for the slipcovers claim the sofa slipcover works for sofas 84"-96" and the loveseat works for 30"-42". I will say I did not measure my sofas, and let me say... big mistake. I was able to get the slipcovers on, but wasn't able to get the straps connected in the back for that seamless look. We decided to stick with the covers, because it still looks better than the couches originally looked. But we were a bit disappointed by the covers not fitting perfectly. So I definitely encourage you to measure before you buy. What's interesting about the set we got is that it buckles in back, kind of like a belt, which holds it all in place and gives it a fitted look. Unfortunately, the slipcover buckles had about as much luck as me trying to buckle an extra-small belt around my hips. I don't think you can really tell though. And Courage is having a blast playing with those buckles on the back of the couch!

Check out our before and after pictures below. My hopes are this will discourage Courage from scratching the furniture apart anymore. Maybe now she'll just stick to the slipcover buckles. We'll see.

Before (without slipcovers)

After (with slipcovers)

Definitely not a perfect fix, but absolutely an improvement. Have you ever used slipcovers? What's your experience been?

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