Three Ways to Connect with Others After the Holidays

For many of us, spending time with those we care about and love is the only practical skill we would ever like to be a true prodigy at....

For many of us, spending time with those we care about and love is the only practical skill we would ever like to be a true prodigy at. After all, what else is life for if not for spending time with those we hold dear, giving one another to space to feel open and appreciated from day to day? I truly believe in connectedness and that love is all you need.

Bringing people together is an enviable skill, and after the holiday period is a great time to do it. The artifice of everyone having to celebrate certain festivities is almost over (although deeply enjoyable - I am truly a festive person), and now we can focus on simply having a good time for goodness' sake, not because a date on our calendar said we should.

Perhaps a goal in the new year is to develop a weekly book club, or perhaps to reconnect with those long-lost family members or friends we have struggled to find time for. What’s certain is that there are always some tried and true ways to bring people together, so maybe these following ideas will be helpful in finding the connectedness in you!

A Shared Hobby Or Passion

Finding a shared hobby or passion can be an essential means in which to bring people together. Maybe a coworker has mentioned how much they love baking, and so you're able to find a connection over that. Perhaps going out of your way to bring your art-history-curious friend to a gathering at the local gallery could truly help them appreciate your friendship, or bringing a family member along to an author’s talk could help you share your passion with someone else. I can always make a connection with someone that loves reading, Harry Potter, or Stranger Things (or about a million other things, because what do I not like?). Never underestimate the power of a shared interest.

The Love Of Food

Food holds a special place in the hearts of many, and it's always a great way to connect with others. In fact, learning how to craft a new recipe you can share with others can help you bond with them, and also serves as a great key feature to help celebrate an event. Why not try something new, such as baking gingerbread cookies, or click here for how to cook a spiral ham if you’re looking for something delicious and substantial. You never know how trying something new could alight the flames of culinary passion within yourself. Or if you're not up for cooking, gathering with friends at a local restaurant has always been a connection point for me with friends, family, or colleagues.

Going Out Of Your Way

Go out of your way to visit a friend, or to bring people together. If no one in your family is arranging that get together, why not try and be the person who does? All it can take is some forthright action for others to appreciate your intentions and join along, and if they don’t, that’s their loss! After all, connection should never be forced, but a little gentle encouragement will never hurt.

As an introvert, sometimes people-ing can be really tough for me, so maybe you're not feeling anything on this list, and that's okay too. It doesn't hurt to reach out to a friend via text or social to let them know you're thinking of them. And that can be a point of connection, too.

*This is a collaborative post. 

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