5+ Things You Need For the Best WFH Environment: Work-From-Home Essentials

Chair ( Amazon ) *This post includes affiliate links and gifted items. Any gifted items are featured because of my actual use of them, ...

Chair (Amazon)

*This post includes affiliate links and gifted items. Any gifted items are featured because of my actual use of them, and any of my opinions are entirely my own. Affiliate links earn me a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking one, at no cost to you.

I've been working from home for close to six months at this point, and while at first it was exciting just for the sake at working at home, eventually the limelight wore off and I had to actually figure out how to be just as productive at home as I was in the office. I know I'm not the only person that finds their productivity to be lacking while working from home, but I've started to figure out what things really work for me, while keeping my work life somehow separated from my home life when they're both one in the same.

Over the past few months, these are some of the things I've found to be helpful for me and creating a work-from-home environment that works for me.

Two Screens

Never underestimate having two computer screens. I went from having two screens in the office to working strictly on a laptop at home. But once it was time for me to start having more meetings and more appointments instead of mostly behind-the-scene logistical type stuff, I knew I was going to need another screen. Luckily, my husband is very into computers, tech, and gaming, so we had an extra computer monitor hanging around, which I've been able to connect straight to my laptop whenever I have a meeting, or need to flip back and forth between different windows. It has 100% changed how I work at home.

Mix Up Your Seating

Having two computer screens doesn't mean that I'm constantly behind both of them. I find it's really important to switch up my seating. I've got a pretty basic, midcentury style chair (though I'd love to switch it out for something comfier) and a stability ball that I move between when I'm behind the desk. But when I'm not in appointments or don't have to move too much between different windows, I also have a bed in my office space, so I can get super comfy while I work. It's a different bed than my actual bedroom, so I'm still able to have a squishy place to sit or lay that doesn't interfere with my actual sleepy-time place. It's also a wonderful place for a lunch-time nap.

Favorite Beverages and Snacks

You know how some of the coolest, most sought after jobs are those that have those cool kitchens and free snacks? Well, it's time to make your personal kitchen that cool kitchen, my friends. One of my favorite things about working from home is that I can actually eat real meals and not have to take a boring lunch or go buy food from somewhere (though I do miss some of my frequented lunchtime locales). Over the last few months, I've had everything from BEC bagels and tacos, biscuits and gravy, and cheesy grits. For lunch, I've been eating pizzas and salads. But my favorite drink is forever a delicious iced coffee. Those treats and meals are the things that really help me get through the day.

A Green Space

I was never one for plants. I wanted one, but didn't get into them until this summer. I got my first plant in June this year and have been going nonstop since then. I can't stop buying plants! I started out with a short 3-tired shelf, of which only the top shelf was in use - Courage tended to lay on the bottom shelf, and eat pretty much anything I put on the second shelf. So I knew I needed a second shelf, and pronto!

The FLOYD shelving system was right up my alley, and the team over at FLOYD was nice enough to send me one for my plants! I chose the green and birch one because wow, don't these colors look incredible together? Anyways, I love it. It was super easy to put together and was exactly what I was looking for. The shelves are metal, so they're more than easy to wipe off and clean when I inevitably spill dirt or overwater. Not to mention the open shelving allows light to filter through, and the wooden support beams are perfect for housing a hanging basket.

Live plants have so many benefits - many of them can purify the air around you, they add oxygen to a space, and taking care of them and watching them grow truly brings a smile to face. So I am a firm believer that you can never have too many plants. Keep in mind though, with inside plants come more bugs. I use stickies on stems to collect the gnats, and I've also set up an electric bug light that is safe for pets, but attracts the bugs and then sticks them inside so they can't escape.

Planters from top to bottom, left to right: terracotta with legs (Amazon),  blue pot (Five Below), self-watering greige pot (Home Depot - came with plant); cauldron (Target - Bullseye Playground), jar (Target - Bullseye Playground), terracotta pots (JOANN), yellow pancreas mug (thrifted); witch and snake (Target - Bullseye Playground), face planter (Target), round yellow (Kroger - came with plant),feather pitcher (thrifted), female form (IdeaCeramic); yellow squared (Target - Bullseye Playground), remaining three in nursery pots - (terracotta saucer - JOANN, salt bowl - Target, silver saucer - lid to aforementioned jar); hanging planter (Target)

Blue-Light Glasses

When I first moved from working retail to an office job, I quickly began getting terrible migraines super often. I went to the eye doctor and they prescribed me blue-light reflecting glasses, which I've been wearing for over five years. They're much easier to get your hands on now, because you can buy them everywhere from Amazon to more high-end eyeglasses shops.

"Work" Clothes

I know everybody is talking about how actually getting dressed for work makes for a more productive day. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I've found that to be true. But that doesn't mean my at-home work clothes are the same as my leave-the-house work clothes. I've found it most important for me to stay super comfy. I've been sticking to leggings or joggers with flowy tees or soft t-shirt dresses. And it puts me in a different mindset. It makes it easier to actually start working.

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Bat light - Target, Ghostie - Marshalls, TV stand - Amazon


Decorating is also incredibly important to me. As soon as we bought our house, the first thing I did was decorate my office/library space. And with holidays and seasons, I often decorate as early as I'd like. A few weekends ago, I even traveled to campus to get my Halloween and Christmas decorations so I could start decorating my at home office. In person, my students and the folks I met with for any appointments and meetings always really liked the vibe of my office and how personal it was. It makes for a welcoming environment, and really makes folks comfortable when we have to chat. While it's totally different while working from home, the environment is still pretty critical in building a rapport with students and colleagues, and I often get so many compliments about the vibe of my home office, and I love that. This is truly my favorite house in the room and I always feel so happy when I'm in it (which is often!).

What's been essential to you if you're working from home?

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