4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself this Holiday Season

Photo by Restorative Counseling Services   *This is a sponsored post. Ways to take care of yourself this holiday season While holidays are...

 *This is a sponsored post.

Ways to take care of yourself this holiday season

While holidays are perceived to be a joyous time all around (and I can’t deny how much I love the holidays), this time of year isn’t the best time for everybody. Even for folks who love the holiday season, it can still be an immensely stressful time for many. Keep reading for some tips on taking care of yourself during one of the most stressful times of the year.

Don’t spend what you don’t have

They say money is the root of all evil, and hm, maybe it is. What I will say though is that money certainly is a root for the great majority of many problems on individual bases and on greater societal levels. The holidays really exemplify the stress surrounding finances.

If you’re anything like me, giving gifts is a joyful activity. My love language is gifts, meaning that I not only feel loved by receiving gifts but that I show love but giving gifts. That means that Christmas is a time when I really feel pressure to give the greatest, most thoughtful gifts. I want to note that the keyword there is “thoughtful.” Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be pricey. When giving gifts, it’s important to know the person you’re gifting, everything else can follow. But keep in mind that a thoughtful gift isn’t worth screwing up your financial situation. Sure, you can use credit cards, or buy now - pay later options, but make sure you have a plan to pay things back. Speaking with a financial advisor may be worth considering if you need additional support in keeping your budgeting and setting your financial plans.

Meet with a mental health provider

Again, this time of the year can be overwhelming and just… a lot. I recommend therapy all year round for literally everybody, but with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it may be easy to let go of something as important as a therapy appointment in lieu of other festive activities, or even to rest, but I urge you all to have at least one therapy session this holiday season. 


For folks not already in therapy, it can be so hard to find a therapist that’s a good fit. It’s overwhelming, scary, and exhausting. Restorative Counseling Services offers a variety of down-to-earth therapist, services, and specialties such as Atlanta Couples Therapy. You can also start by looking on your insurance portal for help in finding providers.

Take time alone when you need it

The holidays are known for being overstimulating. Whether your family is big or small, blood or not, whatever - there are generally lots of moments of interaction, so many that even an extrovert would need a moment of peace. Make sure to take those moments that you need so you can be away from others, regroup and refresh, and get back into the moments to be with the ones you love.


On a similar note, many folks have holiday time away from work this time of the year. I work in a field where I'm lucky enough to get a two week time slot off from work the last two weeks of December each year. I’m often on the go-go-go, especially during my favorites times of the year (like October through December). I love the aesthetic, the atmosphere, and the festivities happening during this time of the year. It wholly bring me such joy, and I try so hard to take advantage of it. But it’s important for me, and for you if you’re like me, to use that time for downtime whenever possible. Sleep in. Laze around all day. Read books. Watch mindless tv. You, like I, may not realize just how needed that downtime is needed. We must get rest whenever we can. 

What are tips you use to get you through the holiday season without sacrificing your well-being? 

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