5 Things You Need to Make Your Office Feel More Homey

This is a sponsored post.  I’ve always been a big advocate for making my spaces home-y and joyful. It brings me a sense of happiness and p...

This is a sponsored post. 

I’ve always been a big advocate for making my spaces home-y and joyful. It brings me a sense of happiness and peace to be in a place that feels like “me.” It doesn’t just bring joy though - it helps build rapport with the folks I work with, both my students and my colleagues. It allows my students to feel more vulnerable, because the space is more welcoming and cozy. I’ve always cozied up my office space with all the things. I’m a self-proclaimed maximalist, and the things that don’t have a space in my home will always have a space in my office.

Scarily, back during the summer, my office flooded and I lost some things. Because of the flood, my office, which is in an old building, had to get full asbestos abatement. It was kind of nerve-wracking, but seemed to go pretty well. I’m not sure who was used to do the abatement, but I do know there are several companies in the area that do that type of work. Trinity Industrial Services is a Demolition company in Atlanta that also provides services such as asbestos abatement. 

I’m still trying to recollect items similar to those that I lost, but I luckily still feel “at-home” in my work space. Check out the tips below to create an office space that feels like “you” and allows the folks you work with to feel welcomed and like they can grasp a sense of who you are and the things you love.

Pictures and personal touches

Covering my office with pictures allows my students to see me as “human” and not just as “advisor.” It helps spark conversations, and allows us to connect interests. For some, personal pictures may feel like crossing a boundary, so adding personal touches and quirky pieces instead can also help students connect with advisor and work towards building rapport. 

Practical items that show your personality

My tape dispenser is a cat. I have a planter that’s a face and holds my glasses when I’m not wearing them. The little knick knacks I’m gifted or “win” in games are placed on my shelves alongside the books I love, and my writing utensils are in fun mugs. These “extra” things have no place at home, but they bring my office to life!

A rug

Putting a rug in my office completely changed the vibe. My office is incredibly beige - beige walls, beige carpet, beige file cabinets and desk, beige ceiling. I found an area rug at a yard sale for $10 that almost fills up the entire space, and makes my office much livelier. 

Motivational art

I love those corny motivational posters, like the cat hanging from a branch with the text “Hang in there.”? You know the one I’m talking about. Those little tidbits of optimism can be really helpful, for us and our students. There are cuter options that can be found online or in stores you probably visit often. I found these cute canvas camp flags at Target for $3 a piece, and they’re just perfect.

All that extra swag you don’t ever intend to take home

Depending on the industry you work in, it’s likely you end up with swag you don’t need - more mugs and cups than you could ever use, notepads, squishy stress objects. Display them in your office - it shows a sense of pride in your workplace community!

Still working from home and none of these things feel quite right?

Try to create a space behind you that screams “you”! Whether it’s a background board decorated with institutional pennants and pictures, or a fun wallpaper, there are still some ways to create a space that allows your students to get a glimpse of who you are. Me? I have a color-coordinated bookshelf that spans two walls, and I get at least one compliment about it every day I get a chance to work from home. Allowing pets to make an appearance tend to brighten a colleague’s day, too.

What kind of things do you add to your office to make it feel a bit cozier?

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  1. I LOVE these ideas, Kayla! You have such a knack for things like this! It’s Rose by the way!