The Most Indulgent Holiday Meat Recipes

*This is a collaborative post There are many indulgent holiday meat recipes. However, there are a few standout ones that can take your Chris...

*This is a collaborative post

There are many indulgent holiday meat recipes. However, there are a few standout ones that can take your Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner to a whole new level. And here they are.

Slow-roasted roast beef

Beef should be cooked low and slow to respect it properly. But the wait is well worth it. A cut of beef like tenderloin looks great and doesn't have any bones or fat to deal with. And the gravy? Chef's kiss. Always use olive oil, salt, and pepper to flavor food. And if you sear the sides in a pan, you can add more flavor. Learn how to make horseradish sauce so you can serve this creamy side with your amazing beef roast.

Turkey, of course

A fresh turkey is, of course, a holiday favorite and it can feed a small or large group. You can brine a fresh turkey to make it taste better all the way through. But you can also butter the skin and season it however you like. A good way to make sure your turkey stays moist is to place it breast-side down for the first hour, then turn it over and finish cooking. If you cook your turkey at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it will take 20 minutes per pound plus an extra 20 minutes.

Indulgent holiday meat recipes includes pork crown

There are many different kinds of pork roasts, which makes them great. But a pork crown is beautiful, and the meat is succulent and tasty. To bring out the flavor of pork, you need to season it. A great choice is a dry rub like Bavarian seasoning, which is a mix of brown mustard and different perennial herbs. Presenting a pork crown the right way can take some practice, but once you do, everyone at your table will enjoy eating and feel like royalty for a day.

A tender rack of lamb

Lamb is one of the richest meats you can eat. A rack of lamb is a great choice for a small group because it costs a lot and usually feeds about two people. Lamb tastes and looks different from other meats, and the best way to season it is with olive oil, salt, and pepper. But garlic brings out the flavor of lamb and goes very well with it. You can also add butter, rosemary, and thyme to the leftovers in your pan to make a delicious gravy, even better with a red wine deglaze.

Go bold with some prime rib

Prime rib is a classic cut, but it costs more than other cuts. It's a big piece of meat, so when it's put on the table, it makes a big show. On the other hand, it is very delicate when cooked well. Rub this with olive oil, salt, and pepper, as usual. But you can also cut a few slits and put garlic sleeves in them to flavor the meat from the inside out. Cook for 15 minutes per pound at 350 F. Since prime beef cuts are usually pretty heavy, this can take a while, so plan your cooking intentionally.

The holidays are a time for enjoying good company and, of course, good food. Some of the most indulgent holiday meat recipes include slow-roasted beef, pork crown, and prime rib. What are your favorite kinds of holiday meals?

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