Merry Treats: Delicious Desserts To Try This Holiday Season

  *This is a collaborative post.  Cookies might be your favorite go-to dessert for the holidays, but there is a world of untapped sweetness...


*This is a collaborative post. 

Cookies might be your favorite go-to dessert for the holidays, but there is a world of untapped sweetness. Whether you are hosting a party or spending the holidays alone, there are various holiday bakes to keep your house stocked with goodies all season. The good news is you can either bake these desserts or keep them chilled in the fridge, so you can still indulge in some delightful desserts even if you don't have an oven. Here are some delicious desserts to try out this holiday season.

One-bowl chocolate cake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with an easy homemade chocolate cake this holiday. While there are many chocolate cake recipes, have you tried the one-bowl recipe? It is a quick and easy-to-make dessert that requires minimal ingredients. This rich and fluffy dessert is perfect for you if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant. You, too, can enjoy your holiday desserts without worrying about the ingredients or being picky. You can take it up a notch by topping it with chocolate shavings or fresh berries.

Santa hat cupcakes

Start the holiday season with a cupcake inspired by Santa himself. Bake a soft, moist cupcake of any flavor and top it off with strawberries and yummy vanilla buttercream frosting. You can also use red frosting if you don't want strawberries. This festive holiday cupcake may look fancy, but it is easy to make and the best dessert to impress your friends.

Bourbon balls

Classic bourbon balls with a heavy pour of bourbon can be your chewy dessert for an adult party. These bite-sized balls are ideal for a no-bake night. They are made with chopped nuts, vanilla wafers, rich cocoa, and bourbon. This treat gives a sweet and nutty high, takes little time to make, and can last for weeks. All you need to do is store them at room temperature or in your refrigerator. If you are hosting friends who don't drink, you can take out the bourbon and use apple juice instead.

Gluten-free Christmas pudding

This super moist and light pudding is loaded with delicious dried fruit, nuts, and spices. Don't forget the brandy sauce on top! Though it takes some hours to make, its rich and delicious taste is worth it all. You can enjoy this dessert for as long as three months. You can store it tightly wrapped in your refrigerator. When ready to eat it, bring it to room temperature before taking a slice.

Gingerbread truffles

These crunchy-looking truffles are mouthwatering. They are mixed with gingerbread spices, semi-sweet chocolate, and pure vanilla extract. Gingerbread truffles are one-bite wonders that taste like magic, with the zippy flavor of ginger snaps. If you are tired of gingerbread houses, this could be an excellent replacement.

Get yourself or your loved ones into a joyous mood by offering them a wonderful dessert spread. Once you try them, you won't be able to get enough. Time to bake!

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