A Day at the Museum

Yesterday was the first weekend (probably ever ) that Andre and I had a Saturday off together (the whole weekend off together). So, we made ...

Yesterday was the first weekend (probably ever) that Andre and I had a Saturday off together (the whole weekend off together). So, we made plans to go to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. (Fun Fact: Bank of America customers get to go to the museum for free during the first full weekend of each month. This also applies to approximately 150 other museums in the country. More info here.) It was the first time we'd visited the museum together, and the first time I'd been back since 10th grade. It was a lot of fun, despite my having panicked having to walk up the four floors of ramps. We took pictures in basically everything that had a mirror in it, and just goofed around. It was amazing.

This piece was really incredible. It was huge satellite, covered in tiny mirrors, and when you spoke into it, it echoed across the room.

This one was really neat too. It was created with black soap, and it was created based on the fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. It's titled "Rumble." 

This one may have been my favorite. It was gorgeous and huge and reminded me of the movie, Interstellar. It puts things into perspective. Also, as we looked at it, a 14-piece instrumental played and it was beautiful. I can't even explain it.

I realized that modern art is my favorite, and sometimes, it just doesn't make sense. It also helps you realize that anything that is created is art. Here are some favorites.

After walking around the museum, we took a trip to Lenox (which is a must every time we go to Atlanta, simply for the French macarons. It's the only place we can find them! If you've never tasted them, I recommend it. They look hard and crunchy, but they're actually soft, cakey-sandwiches. So good! The flavors below are (from left to right): S'mores, blueberry (with real blueberries), blueberry cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and chocolate chip.

We ended the night by eating at The Vortex-Midtown, which I much preferred to the smaller L5P location. I had the Coronary Bypass, 86 the fried egg. We also ordered the fried pickle spears and a "Shut Your Piehole" shot, which was the Wynatte Latte and pecan whiskey. Oh so good! 

It was such a wonderful day, and I really have to brag on Andre. He really treated me the entire day. I love him so much.

Who else had a wonderful weekend?


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