Graze: A Better Way to Snack (plus a coupon!)

Listening to Spotify a few weeks ago, an ad caught my attention by telling me I could get my first box of Graze completely free. I'd hea...

Listening to Spotify a few weeks ago, an ad caught my attention by telling me I could get my first box of Graze completely free. I'd heard about Graze boxes before but never felt so persuaded to spend $6.99 on a box of four snacks. Since I could get it for free, however, I totally decided to try it out.

I received my first box and was actually really excited about. Andre then got pretty jealous, because he wanted one, too. The snacks are pretty generous sizes, so I was able to only eat one each day and they were pretty satisfying (for the most part). I decided to keep my subscription, but narrowed it down to only one each month. (Default is one per week, but I didn't want to pay $7 each week). There's a huge amount of variety, so you can choose between any of the following:
-4 Snack Variety Box (standard, with a variety of snacks each box, $6.99/box)
-8 Snack Variety Box (double everything, but basically the same at $11.99/box)
-Sweet Treat Box (4 nutritionist approved sweets, $6.99/box)
-Savory Box (4 savory-flavored snacks with worldly inspiration, $6.99/box)
-Sugar Count Box (4 snack with less than 5 grams of sugar each, $6.99/box)
-Calorie Count Box (4 snacks with less than 150 calories each, $6.99/box)
-Sharing Box (5 large bags of snacks, $25/box)

I chose to go with the standard 4 Snack Variety Box so I can taste all the things. What's even better is once you get your box, you can log into your account a rate the snacks you received with "Like," "Love," "Trash," or  "Try" so you can receive the ones you really like more often and the snacks that you hate never. You can also let Graze know when you're going on vacation so you won't receive or be charged for a box. It's a very well thought out subscription box.

In my first box, I received Smoky Chipotle Dip with Rosemary Breadsticks, Chai Latte, Fruit and Seed Flapjack, and Hot Cross Yum.

The Smoky Chipotle Dip was not very good. In fact, I rated it "Trash" so I will never have to receive it again. The dip was congealed and jelly like, and it was sweet, but slightly spicy at the same time. I ended up just eating the breadsticks, which reminded me a lot of the cheese dip and sticks I used to eat as a child (but are still really yummy).

Chai Latte may have been my favorite. It was like a delicious, sweet trail mix. The coconut was unsweetened, but still really good, the macadamias and chai seeds were the perfect balance against the sweetened yogurt sunflower seeds (my favorite). At the end, I was literally dumping the crumbs into my mouth so I could get it all.

The Fruit & Seed Flapjack were surprisingly good. They were actually very soft, unlike other oat and seed bars. It was the perfect balance between fruity tastes and the seeds versus the oats. I definitely want to try more of the flapjack varieties in the future.

Hot Cross Yum was very good too. I wouldn't mind eating it again, but it wasn't my favorite. The vanilla cookie drops just melted in your mouth like shortbread, and the cinnamon honey almonds were superb. I wasn't a huge fan of the orange raisins. They weren't nasty, they just weren't my cup of tea.

Overall, I'd say I received a great first box, and because of that, I want to continue received Graze boxes in the future. If you're interested in Graze, you can get your first and fifth box free by signing up at this link.

So far, I'm pretty pleased. We'll see how I feel with the next box.

Have you ordered any subscription boxes in the past? Are you a current subscriber? Tell me which boxes you love and which ones you could live without.


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