May Goals, April Goals Recap

1.  Finish the dang book, Kayla!  I finished Doomed , I reviewed it, then I read an entire other book and reviewed it, too. Go me! ...

1. Finish the dang book, Kayla! I finished Doomed, I reviewed it, then I read an entire other book and reviewed it, too. Go me!
2. Finish Friends, start Gilmore Girls. I finished Friends and was really sad, then I watched all three seasons of The Mindy Project, and I've finally started Gilmore Girls. I'm on episode 3. 
3. Don't eat out at least 4 days a week. Welp, this didn't happen. I really have to get on top of my food game if I'd like to be healthy.
4. Get my tires aligned on my car. Well, it turns out my tires didn't need aligned... I need to replace a wheel-bearing, which I did. 
5. Also, wash my car and clean it out. I also never got around to this. Phooey. I will do it this month.
6. Finish a 5k. I finished one of my 5ks, the other got cancelled. :( 
7. Post on the blog at least twice a week. I did this, which I'm really excited about, because I just never get around to it, but I did for once!
8. Give the cat a bath. This sucked, but was also really sad to have to do. I hate making her scared. 
9. Post at least one picture to Instagram each week. I did this too! Also, I got an iPhone 6 Plus, so I may get Instagrammy wayyyy more often. 
10. Mark something, anything, off from the wedding planning checklist. I bought my bouquet, and we scheduled a cake appointment. Woohoo for progress!

80%, that's a pass! 

So, what are this month's goals?

1. Be one of the first 50 people to Moe's on Cinco de Mayo so I can get my Cinco de Moe's shirt! I go to Moe's (almost) every year for Cinco de Moe's for my cheap burrito and free shirt. (They used to be $3 all day, now they're $5). I missed last year because of work, but this year I'm taking a half-day. 
2. Mark something else off of the wedding planning checklist. 'Nuff said.
3. Wash my car and clean it out. The weather is getting toasty, so this is the perfect time for a hand car wash.
4. Commit to eating out less. Let's try not eating out at all 3 days of the week, and we can go from there.
5. Continue posting blogs and posting to Instagram multiple times a week. 
6. Do ab/core work outs 3 times each week. I would like to have a slimmer, healthier waist-size.
7. Get through Cassey Ho's Hot Body Year Round. I recently received this from Blogging for Books, but I'd also like to use it as a weight-loss tool.

Now, what are your goals for the month?

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  1. You have such excellent goals! I have none. Well, just to survive my first month living in a new country.

    1. I do feel like my goals this month are slightly goofy, but I feel good that at least I'm making some type of goals.

      Good luck in a new country! That must be very intimidating, but hopefully exhilarating all the same!

  2. The Iphone 6 plus takes AMAZING pictures :D So cool! Enjoy Gilmore Girls!! You're a hardworking gal, I hope that you're able to meet your May goals! Here are my goals + the My Monthly Goals linkup: :D

    1. Yes! The pictures are so amazing, it blows my mind!!
      And thanks so much. Thanks for stopping by, Andrea.