StudioWedBox: Box Four

I received my fourth StudioWedBox this week, which was honeymoon-themed. Andre and I haven't figured out the logistics yet, but I'm ...

I received my fourth StudioWedBox this week, which was honeymoon-themed. Andre and I haven't figured out the logistics yet, but I'm pretty sure we aren't flying anywhere. We'll probably do something small and road trip this year and maybe do something larger for our first anniversary. This box was pretty cool because it included lots of airplane essentials, as well as a fun bonus item (notice I tore at the bonus item without thinking before taking the picture).

The Sky Ready Kit included an eye mask (to sleep comfortably), ear plugs (no crazy noises), a face mask (to prevent sickness), surface wipes (to clean the area around you), hand sanitizer (self explanatory), and  vitamin C (to support a healthy immune system). This kit includes everything needed for a healthy flight. I really like this kit and imagine it would great for someone who does a lot of travelling. While we may not be flying for our honeymoon, we may take flights later and this would come in really handy.

The help I'm tired kit includes caffeine pills, and while I may not use these for a special occasion, these could come in really handy in my life. This kit includes 8 pills. (On another note, feel free to browse the website, it's pretty funny.)

I'll be honest. I would never spend $6 (+$5 shipping) for The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar, but it really would have came it very handy when I took my trip to Texas last year. I spilled a loaded Philly down my white and black striped tank top. However, that wasn't the last time I spilled something on myself, so I'm sure I will get definite use out of this bar. Plus, it smells so fresh!

The Keep Calm and Fly Away luggage tag is cute, yes, but feels so flimsy. It's made out of cheap plastic with a rubber band like strap. This would definitely get broken in flight, I'm pretty sure of it. I prefer a silicone-like luggage tag because it's bendable and won't break.

And now, for the bonus item...

...this absolutely adorable Kate Aspen decorative photo frame is so freaking cute! It's also listed as a place holder on the website, which would work great because it is a tiny picture frame (It could maybe hold a wallet-size photo). I love this frame and plan to use it on my desk at work.

What I've come to realize is that, although when you start your subscription you are asked to give information and descriptions of your wedding, the StudioWed team doesn't really take that into account. While I wouldn't say my wedding is "rustic," it is very whimsical and woodsy. This frame, along with other items I've received, don't play to that at all. I did enjoy this box very much, but I still think that what I'm paying each month isn't what I'm really receiving.


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