Review: Summer Walmart Beauty Box

I recently received my summer box from Walmart Beauty . It had some pretty awesome stuff in it. I love receiving this box, because it'...

I recently received my summer box from Walmart Beauty. It had some pretty awesome stuff in it. I love receiving this box, because it's free (you only pay $5 shipping and handling), and you all know how cheap I am. The only downfall is it only comes out once a season.

I wasn't a fan of the Jergen's Natural Glow. First off, it come to me in shade medium to tan, and I am definitely a light to medium. I rubbed it into my legs really good one night before bed. It goes on white, so I didn't know what I had done to myself. When I woke up, I was brown and splotchy and it was terrible. It also somehow ended up on my upper arm and elbow. I had to scrub myself clean before work. I threw the other two days' worth away.

The Clean Scalp & Hair Therapy shampoo wasn't a huge deal. I don't really have dandruff, so I didn't notice any type of difference with it. Also, it didn't come with a conditioner and I prefer to try to combination.

I liked the Aveeno Protect & Hydrate. It's basically a high quality sunscreen. Aveeno's always really great, so this was just nice to have anyways. It wasn't really enough for my entire body, so I used it only on my face. It smelled really good (some sunscreen smell, but a nice soft fragrant smell as well) and made my face feel really soft. It was still sunscreen though, so it made my face feel slightly greasy.

This Ken Paves You are Beautiful shampoo and conditioner was absolutely amazing. I cannot stress that enough. My hair smelled like heaven, was so soft and had tons of volume. I couldn't stop talking about my hair for days. The bad news? This stuff is 14 crazy dollars a bottle, so I will never get to appreciate it again.

The Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in gladiolus is amazing. I am using it very regularly. It stays on for several hours, but I did have to reapply some after eating.

I had already reviewed the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters facial cleanser, because I received it in the last box. You can see that review here.

I really enjoyed the small sample of One Direction's You & I fragrance. It smells so soft and light and perfect, but I didn't feel like the smell last throughout the day, so that was pretty disappointing to me. Maybe I'm just used to something stronger?

The John Freida Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray was pretty awesome. It was a sort of spray and go spray, but I felt like maybe my hair was too long to get the desired look. It recommended twisting for longer hair, which I did slightly. Maybe I just needed to take more time with the look. Regardless, it smelled really great (like coconut), which Andre noticed and liked.

Nivea's Soft Moisturizing creme worked really well. It's a very thick cream, but only takes a tiny amount to be effective, plus this small container was great to throw into my purse!

I enjoyed the effect of the Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara in black. It made my lashes look very soft and natural, while still giving the desired length. I like a thick mascara, but for a soft, natural look, this mascara was absolutely perfect. Plus it comes in waterproof, so it's great for the beach!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?


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