October Goals, September Recap

Y'all, I did it. I completed my entire September goals list. :) See below. September: 1.  Get married. 2.  Go on honeymoon. 3....

Y'all, I did it. I completed my entire September goals list. :) See below.

1. Get married.
2. Go on honeymoon.
3. Stop worrying so much. Have fun.

Now that I'm married, it's time to get back to real life. Here are my goals for October.

1. Get name changed. I'm working on it. I am. The first Monday I was back, I went and filed my name change at the Social Security Administration. Now I'm waiting to receive my new ss card, but once I do, I can work on changing my name everywhere else. Then I'll share my how-to.
2. Get through my big presentation/training session at work. I have to teach my job to anyone in my department that wants to learn how to do  it. On that list so far includes my boss's boss's boss. Ugh. All the nerves.
3. Get back to eating not so bad. I won't say healthy, because I'm not really a healthy eater, per say. However, everything has been quite a challenge since returning from the honeymoon. I've only made food at home once. I can't stop eating out. Help me.
4. Cut back on the Starbucks. This is a whole separate thing than the goal above. Even when I'm not really eating out, I get Starbucks almost every single day. But Andre's mom got us a Keurig 2.0 (the one where you can make a cup or a carafe), and I now have a coffee pot in my personal office, so I should really stop going to Starbucks so much. Ironically, I'm okay spending $4 on a cup of coffee, but spending over $10 on the packaged coffee is impossible for me. It makes no sense. I know. 
5. Do my October/Fall things. This is a whole new list in itself, but I missed out on October last year because I was in a job transition and got sent to Texas for two weeks right in the smack dab of October (the 13-26), so I really missed out on one of my favorite times of the year! 
6. Continue on the new home search. We're looking to move out of the house we currently live it, and while we would prefer another house, a townhome is also a possibility. I just can't believe the high prices on rent! So, it's been a struggle. I'm hoping to move before the end of the year, but sooner rather than later.
7. Start scrapbooking. Andre and mine's first Valentine's Day together, I created him a scrapbook of memories. It was awesome, but took forever. We had a ton of pictures since we were in the early dating stages and I hand-cut out each one and drew pictures, plus added a mix-tape to the inside cover. We've faltered on the amount of pictures over the years, but also, it's just been too much to collect physical copies of everything to create more scrapbooks. My plan is to start a wedding/honeymoon album and work my way backwards for the pictures from the past. I'll give more details on my scrapbook adventure in a separate post, but I'm really excited to get this underway.
8. Get back into my Fall schedule for tv shows. I have about 5 episodes left until I've finished Roswell (sob. It's such a freaking amazing tv show with great casting!), and I've already started back with Scream Queens, The Mindy Project, and all my TGIT shows (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and  How To Get Away With Murder, for those of you not Shonda Rhimes-literate). The Walking Dead starts back in two weekends, and American Horror Story next week. I'm sure that's not all my fall shows, but you can see how crowded my tv schedule could be. I'm also going to finish the first season of Gotham, which is now on Netflix, so I can continue with season 2. Additionally, I know you're all wondering with Supernatural isn't on the list. Well, I haven't watched the first 10 seasons, and that is going to take some time. I'll catch up eventually. I have FOMO when it comes to tv shows! 

Wish me luck with my October endeavors, and good luck to you, as well. Please share your goals for this month!


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