November Goals, October Recap

It's already November, which is mind-blowing. Seriously, where did the year even go?  Let's start with an October recap. ...

It's already November, which is mind-blowing. Seriously, where did the year even go? 

Let's start with an October recap.

1. Get name changed. I did it. I've changed my name everywhere from Social Security and the DMV to the bank and work to my cell phone. You can see my tips for changing your name after marriage here
2. Get through my big presentation/training session at work. I finished session I of my presentation/training at work, and it was decided there should be a session II. I hate giving presentations. I get too worked up over them and talk a million miles per minute.
3. Get back to eating not so bad. Meh. I'm not so sure here. I feel like I definitely have been eating out less and at home more, so that is a start. 
4. Cut back on the Starbucks. Surprisingly, I've cut back on Starbucks a lot. I loaded my card once at the start of the month and only visited Starbucks a few times. It helps that the MIL got us a Keurig for a wedding gift!
5. Do my October/Fall things. So far, I've completed about 10 of my 26 Things to Do This Fall. Not all are Halloween-related, so I feel like I'm definitely making some progress here. 
6. Continue on the new home search. We've still been looking, but no luck so far. We'll continue the search until we do, I suppose. 
7. Start scrapbooking. I've bought several scrapbooks to get started, as well as a photo printer. Right now, my major focus is a wedding/honeymoon album, but I'm still waiting to get our wedding photos back. Once I do, I may only come up occasionally for air. 
8. Get back into my Fall schedule for tv shows. YES! I have. Fall is the best time for tv. Some shows have been freaking amazing so far. Others, I tend to find myself on my phone or doing other things while watching, so hopefully they'll pick up soon, as well. What shows are you watching this fall?

This is the first month I've had a 100% accomplishment rate, so that is an accomplishment within itself. So what am I looking to accomplish this month?
1. Finish our wedding album (if we get our pictures back this month). I know our photographer has been working on getting these photos edited, and I am just really excited to see them!
2. Continue doing fun Fall things. I love the fall, and there are still a good chunk of things I would love to do this fall.
3. Start getting into the Christmas spirit! In addition to fall, I love Christmas too! I mean, who doesn't? Everything is so joyous. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!
4. Finish all Christmas shopping. I generally wrap up Christmas shopping on Black Friday, so I plan to do that this year as well. I already have a few gifts purchased. 
5. Continue eating at home 5 days of the week. This one is always the hardest one to accomplish, but there are so many yummy things to be made at home when the weather is chillier. 
6. Get Thank You cards made. This one is also dependent upon when we get our wedding photos back, but I'm hopeful for this month. 

What are your goals for this month?


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