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I absolutely love Valentine's Day, y'all. Obviously, I'm now very happily married, but even as a single lady, I loved V-Day. It&...

I absolutely love Valentine's Day, y'all. Obviously, I'm now very happily married, but even as a single lady, I loved V-Day. It's such a fun day to spend with people you love, whether it's your hubby, your boyfriend, or your girlfriends. I know it's totally a holiday created by Hallmark, and the real story of Valentine is a bit more tragic, but I do love all the hearts and cutesy stuff in all the stores and I love that it's a holiday all about love.

Andre and I just aren't fans of trying to go out on a Valentine's date on Valentine's Day. The wait at restaurants are just unreal, even at places like Applebee's or O'Charleys (fancy places in our town!). We generally like to have a date night a few days before or after V-Day to miss out on crowds, or do an untraditional type date. I've compiled some fun date ideas, day or night dates, to use for Valentine's or anytime really!

Go to zoo or aquarium. ($$) We have a place an hour or so away called the Animal Safari, which is way more interactive than the zoo, and a ton of fun. (Check our trip to the Animal Safari out here.)
Check out local sporting events ($-$$$), little leagues or big leagues.
Take a ride on the Skyview or a local large city ferris wheel. ($)
Go bowling, play laser tag or paintball, or have a round at the arcade. ($-$$) Competition is fun!
Visit a nearby botanical gardens.($-$$) Tons of them have discount prices or free admission during the colder months.
Cook an at-home dinner and watch some movies. ($) Use Netflix, or find a discount code for Redbox.
Do a venue review, or wedding planning date if you're engaged. ($-$$$) There's so much to do, and your wedding day is all about your love for each other, so make a date out of planning!
Take a mini weekend trip. ($$$) I'm lucky in Georgia, because I'm just hours away from the beach and the mountains.
Go to a wine tasting, indulge on wine and cheese at home, or a take a trip to the brewery. ($-$$) Several breweries are free for smaller sample sizes.
Take a trip to the museum, either art or science. ($-$$) Yes, the museum can be fun! (You can see our trip to the High Museum in Atlanta here.) Bonus: If you're a Bank of America customer, you can get into several museums with free admission the first weekend of each month, more info here.
Go get manis and pedis, or enjoy a spa day with your girlfriends. ($$-$$$)
Go ice- or roller-skating. ($-$$) Hold hands as you skate!
Go hiking and have a picnic. ($)
Go to a concert or show. ($-$$$) See a band you both enjoy! Andre took me out on Valentine's one year to an acoustic show of one of our favorite pop punk bands. You can see that here.
Take in a play. ($$-$$$) You can go to a larger theatre, or see a play at your local college or community arts center.
Go to the movies, either at the local theatre or the drive-in. ($-$$) Popcorn and candies, are a splurge, but buy some anyways!

$: Under $15 or free                    $$: $15-40                    $$$: More than $40

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  1. Great ideas! We live outside of Atlanta, so these ideas really help. Thanks girl!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed this post. I know other places may be more expensive, but that's why I did a range on some of the prices. I'm feeling lucky that Atlanta, and Georgia overall, are pretty inexpensive!