Two Weeks in Photos: 10/52 & 11/52

Sorry about not posting the weekly recap last week. There was a pretty huge family emergency last week. You'll see I spent most of my we...

Sorry about not posting the weekly recap last week. There was a pretty huge family emergency last week. You'll see I spent most of my week in the hospital. I won't get too personal here, but just keep my family in your prayers. (PS. My daddy is doing great!) I also realize that it may seem foolish I snapped at least one picture every day, and also went out for food and ice cream while my daddy was struggling. I had to keep some normalcy in my life and also, of course I had to eat. The situation wasn't a happy one, but we were able to spend a lot of time together as a family, and that is something I cherish.

March 3- I made some super healthy and delicious blueberry banana bread. I  used this recipe here, and it turned out perfectly. (And believe me, I am not a baker!)

March 4- I had a super fun annual doctor's visit. (NOT) The good news? I got in some quality reading time.

March 5- Andre and I went up to see his brother's (my BIL's) new apartment, and we took a trip up to Chattanooga. I'd never been, and we had a blast (I'll get a post up on that soon!).

March 6- We spent the entire day at home (once we got back from the BIL's apartment), and I read a little bit, and watched a little tv.

March 7- After leaving work earlier in the day to drop my parents off at the ER, I stayed late to get some extra work done. I was the last one out the door, and let me tell you, it gets so creepy in the building all alone. 

March 8- After hours in the hospital, we left to let my parents get some rest. We stopped by Ponce City Market (PCM) for the first time, and I got some gelato.
March 8- An overall view of PCM, an awesome complex of shops, trendy restaurants, and lofts.

March 9- Waiting for my dad's surgery to be over. It seems we spent all day waiting. And everything was successful!

March 10- We finally got my mom out of the room for enough time for her to actually eat dinner. 
March 10- Outside of the Varsity, probably the most touristy restaurant in Atlanta. Whaddya have?

March 11- I had another doctor's appointment this day, and didn't get to spend the day with my dad. So here's a picture of Courage.

March 12- Saturday, we spent the day back up at the hospital again. We also got to visit Andre's mom. We had a very late night dinner- a yummy BLT with cheese on a wheat bun.

March 13- Still a lot more progress with my daddy. The time had changed, and my sister and brother-in-law and I got to watch a beautiful sunset from the parking deck of the hospital.

March 14- We had some fun team building in the office and got to spend some of our morning in the upper-level suites at our university's stadium. We watched a video called FISH about the Pike Place Fish Market. (I was surprised about the amount of people that had never heard of it!)

March 15- We had some absolutely beautiful weather (up in the 80s), and I was so happy to snap this picture on a walk through campus.

March 16- Some of us from the office took a trip down to Macon for a workshop, and I got to drive this big ol' beauty. I didn't hit anything and we made it safely to and from, so driving the giant van was a success!

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