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During the holidays, I shared a Christmas office tour post on the blog. Today, I wanted to share an office tour of my office in current c...

During the holidays, I shared a Christmas office tour post on the blog. Today, I wanted to share an office tour of my office in current conditions - my day to day office style. Enjoy!

I put this cardboard deer head up for the holidays, and just couldn't take it down. It was too cute! The "tapestry" (if that's what you want to call it) is my first attempt at crocheting. It wasn't until halfway through that I got the hang of what I was doing and didn't have the heart to unravel it. The photos are from photobooths at bridal shows, and the flower was leftover from our wedding florals.

Pictures are super important to me, especially in a place where a spend a majority of my time. They are easily removable from the wall (no damage!) since I used some cute washi tape. Of course, important quotes from Harry Potter, and fun drawings of purritos are a must! The tree was made by a dear co-worker who hosted my work bridal shower. The printable came from The Polka Dot Chair.

Any type of cup or vase can be used for utensil storage, and you can never have enough lotion. I made the lotion box from construction paper. Also, books make a great phone stand!

Again, more pictures and trinkets (how cute is that hand-carved mother and child?). I made another tiny box for all the staples I remove throughout the day, and lastly, my USB salt stone lamp (from Earthbound Trading Company), which is a natural air-purifier and can help prevent headaches!

Yet another origami box (this one's for paper clips)! The turtle is a painted terracotta planter than my niece bought me in Florida and now houses my post-its. The kitty tape dispenser (here at Target) was a Christmas gift, and my tiny elephant photo holder hangs on to my name badge. The monogrammed stationary cards were another gift. And yes, those are two miniature Harry Potters that keep me company.

Atop my air conditioning unit, are (alas) more pictures, a thrifted embroidered cat pillow, a (dead) succulent plant from my parents, a tiny gold owl bank, and some lovely fresh flowers in a Starbucks cup.

Necessary books needed for work are balanced out by more fun items, including stuffed kitties (both gifts), How to Live with a Neurotic Cat, free cups from events, and more photos and quotes.

My stuffed fish came from a team building exercise at work. I, of course, have some team spirit pennants, and photos. My super cute elephant wax warmer is from Target.

With my university's mascot being a wolf, this canvas painting was a necessity for my office. I love how beautiful and detailed it is! This particular piece is from Earthbound Trading Company.

It's so important to me that I am comfortable at work. I hate to stay at my computer during my lunch break, so after a 30 minute walk (or just on lazy days) I plop down on this awesome chair (you can find it here on Amazon) and read a book.

I also have a coffee/tea/snack station, which sadly, I hardly use because I tend to just get some Starbucks!

Do you have your own office? What do you do to make sure your work space is personalized?

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  1. I love that tiny little gold owl? where did you get it?

    1. Thank you! I actually got it at the Dollar Tree (only ONE DOLLAR!). I had bought several to use as centerpieces at my wedding. It's ceramic, so it's pretty nice quality too! I might actually have a couple extras at home if you want me to mail you one!

  2. You have such a great space and I love all of the personal touches with the photos and fun decor. Also love that little corner with the coffee station & cozy chair!

    1. Thank you so much, Carly. I figured since I spend as much time here (if not more than) as I spend as home, so I might as well make it cozy!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! There's a link to the printable under the picture! Just click The Polka Dot Chair!