Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (NO SPOILERS)

So, I've always done this thing where I would go to the Harry Potter book release party at Borders, then go to Wal-Mart at midnight...

So, I've always done this thing where I would go to the Harry Potter book release party at Borders, then go to Wal-Mart at midnight to get the book because it was way cheaper. I didn't get to go to the book release party (anywhere, RIP Borders), because we were at the Ray LaMontagne concert we'd been waiting to go to for 4 months, but we did stop at Wal-Mart. Two Wal-Marts actually between midnight and 12:30. Neither of them had any clue was The Cursed Child was (hello, have you been living under a rock?), let alone tell me where it was in the store, even though all the signage said it would be available at 12:01. Okay, so I'm still a little angry. Anyways, I work up early the day we were moving to go get my book. I ended up getting it at Target for $17.99 (NO TAX WEEKENDS, YAY!), along with a free poster.
Honestly, I felt like a failure because it took me two days to read it. Granted, we spend close to 10 hours on Sunday moving, and then I was really super sick and sleeping most of Monday. The fact is, I finished it. And I loved it! But not how you think. (Again, no worries. I'm not posting any plot spoilers in this post. Truthfully, I try not to do that with any books I review. That's just rude!)

First thing's first. I cried within the first ten pages. Not because the story or anything. It was just the fact that I was reading new Harry Potter material. I was learning more about my best friends from childhood, and that was entirely overwhelming to me, in the best way. That is why I loved it.
I think because of the play/script format, the story read kind of a like a fan-fic. There wasn't a lot of detail, like you'd see in the novel, but you could still understand what was happening, including emotions. Also, since it was in play format, it was a really quick read clocking in at under 400 pages. I felt like the characters, while grown up (all around 40) weren't at all true to themselves. I loved getting to meet their children (even though the focus isn't on all of them), and seeing who they were growing up to be. I will say that Scorpius is 100% my favorite character.
Look, I know you want the story to be perfectly grand and happy, because the trio's been through enough. I know! But without a problem, or a climax, there's no story there. The story is full of fun and humor, but it's also pretty dark at times. There are a ton of twists and turns that you just won't expect. I was completely in awe of the story, and I truly cannot imagine how any of it comes to life on stage. To see it would be amazing!
(I've heard it's may be coming to the USA in 2017. New York, probably. But Andre said we could go!!!)

The fact of the matter, the play is not canon, which is upsetting. Some things contradicted the original story, and that's frustrating. I wanted to love it, and I did since it was HP and new, but it wasn't true to the story, which was a major disappointment.

Anyways, have you read it yet? What were your thoughts?

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