New Home Wishlist

Rugs ( for living room and bedroom ) | Wall Clock | Gliding Bench (for front porch) |  Extra Bookcase (that matches current boo...

It's been a little over a month since we moved into our new home. I love it here, but having a nicer home to live in gives me want of nicer things. There are also a few things I would love to replace, like our sofa. I can't wait to spruce up the house a little bit!

What's on your at-home wish list right now?

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  1. These are cute! My husband and I live in an apartment right now but we plan on moving into a house next year. I'm really excited to decorate our home too. :)

    1. You can always make your apartment more home-y too! I hope y'all find an awesome house within the next year. :)