Two Weeks in Photos: 38&39/52

As promised, here are the last two weeks of my life, y'all. It's been busy, and oh, so enjoyable. Enjoy! :) Thursday, 9/15: I...

As promised, here are the last two weeks of my life, y'all. It's been busy, and oh, so enjoyable. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, 9/15: I decorated my office. Maybe it's too soon, but whatever, I do not care. I love Halloween! Yay!

Friday, 9/16: I had to pop up to Atlanta to pick up some concert tickets I won, so Andre and I grabbed a bite to eat at Chipotle. Yum! Always good.

Saturday, 9/17: We had so much fun at Music Midtown! I didn't take a bunch of pictures, but I did get this one fun night shot of the festival's skyline. I also got a pretty awesome video of Twenty-One Pilots that I posted over on my Instagram (@kaylakedavra).

Sunday, 9/18: We ended up not going to the second day of the festival. There was a pretty bad storm, and since Andre had to work early on Monday, we would have missed a ton of the later bands anyways. So, here I am basically reading a book to Courage.

Monday, 9/19: One of the girls at work brought Courage some cat treats. They were basically slim jims for cats. Courage loved them!

Tuesday, 9/20: Our one-year anniversary! We went out for a nice dinner. I had the shrimp and grits, and gee whiz, they were freaking amazing. We were stuffed.

Wednesday, 9/21: Andre and I headed out on our anniversary trip to Asheville (see that post here). This was right after breakfast at Cracker Barrel, so we were pretty happy. :)

Thursday, 9/22: We went on a brewery tour to several breweries in the Asheville area. So much fun!

Friday, 9/23: Before heading home, we stopped at Wedge Studios in the River Arts District of Asheville, and purchased a few art prints. I can't wait to hang them!

Saturday, 9/24: A couple of friends got married, so of course we were there! It was a pretty good time. Congrats, Katie and Jasmyn!

Sunday, 9/25: Guys, how funny is my parents' fish. His name is Terror, and he's basically a complete jerk and hates everyone.

Monday, 9/26: Working on reading Dear Mr. M from Herman Koch. I haven't really been able to get into it, but I'm trying to finish it.

Tuesday, 9/27: This little turtle climbed into our yard and tried to hide under our trashcan. Don't worry I walked him over to some place safe.

Wednesday, 9/28: Watched the first episode of This Is Us. Then sobbed. I'm thinking this will compare a lot to Parenthood, which I freaking loved. We'll see where it goes. I mean, it has Milo Ventimiglia in it, so you know, you have to love it. (TEAM JESSE FOREVER.)

How have you been? Let me know in the comments below!

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