A Week in Photos: 46/52

Well, we have just six weeks left of 2016. Mind blowing, guys. I can't even believe that Thanksgiving is next week. Apparently, this is ...

Well, we have just six weeks left of 2016. Mind blowing, guys. I can't even believe that Thanksgiving is next week. Apparently, this is what growing up feels like.

Also, if you weren't aware, Fantastic Beasts is premiering tonight! Woohoo! I am so dang excited. :) :) :)

Thursday, 11/10: I forgot to take a picture, but the truth is, I don't even remember what happened on this day. 

Friday, 11/11: I had to pick up a case of water on my way home, so naturally, I went to Target to browse. The first thing I noticed when I walked in is that the Dollar Spot had been re-arranged. This is everyone's favorite part of the store (tell me it's not, I'll be genuinely surprised!), but does anyone else remember when everything was actually a dollar here? Then it progressed to $3, then $5, now $7 and $9. If it creeps to $10 or above, it definitely needs to be in a different part of the store. It's the DOLLAR SPOT for crying out loud. (Does anyone else feel the slightest bit aggravated about this, or just me?)

Saturday, 11/12: My sisters and I participated in a walk for diabetes, and it took place at the Ted. It was nice to get to enjoy the stadium one last time (and walk the field), since next season the Braves will be in their brand new Suntrust stadium. (PS. There will be a full post on the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes Monday.)

Sunday, 11/13: I convinced Andre to take some pictures together, so we at least have some nice pictures annually. This one was so random and pretty to me.

Monday, 11/14: Courage hoped up on these blankets and sat so still like this for so long. It really had me cracking up. She was like a statue! (Also, isn't she just so pretty and fluffy? I love her.)
Tuesday, 11/15: Tuesday? What's a Tuesday? This week has been weird. I woke up thinking Tuesday was Wednesday, and that's basically how my whole day went.

Wednesday, 11/16: I got an odd package via inter-office mail, and it was a yummy k-cup from a friend in Admissions. How sweet, right?

How was your week?

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  1. I'm seeing Fantastic Beasts tonight and I can't wait!!! I've felt the same all week. Yesterday I thought it was Thursday, and today feels like Friday. Wah. That picture of you guys is so cool, and oh my gosh, Courage is such a pretty kitty! I always love orange cats and fluffy cats, so when you combine the two...so cute! Also, agreed that the DOLLAR SPOT cannot rise to $10!

    1. Yeah. It's been a weird week, but tonight will be the best! I can't wait.

      And thank you. She's adorable, and kind of a butthole, but I love her anyways!

  2. I remember when the stuff in the Dollar Spot was $1, but it was also not as nice as it is now. You can find some pretty cool stuff in there, but I don't think I'm willing to pay $7 or 9 for a lot of it.

    1. I agree! You can find some pretty quality stuff over there now! But anything over $5 just doesn't seem like it should be it that area.