A Week in Photos: 49/52

We have just three weeks left of 2016. Can you believe it? It's about time for this year to be over, right? It's been a pretty crazy...

We have just three weeks left of 2016. Can you believe it? It's about time for this year to be over, right? It's been a pretty crazy one! Follow along below to see what I got up to this past week.

Thursday, 12/1: I started my Skinnymint Teatox, which I've really been enjoying!
(28-Day Teatox received free for review and social media promotion. No other compensation has been provided.)

Friday, 12/2: Just spending some time out on the back porch on a Friday night!

Saturday, 12/3: Saturday was a struggle to get most of my final paper completed before Monday. I left the house once, and that was just for food.

Sunday, 12/4: I made some delicious chicken and dumplings based off a recipe from Mar over at To & Fro. It was my first time ever making them, and it was easy thanks to Mar. Next time, I'll need to cook the dumplings longer, but other than that, this recipe was A+.

Monday, 12/5: I was super excited to receive Starbucks ornaments from Erin over at Home Everyday through a SoFab ornament exchange. The weirdest thing, USPS actually delivered them to my door on a Sunday (SO WEIRD!).

Tuesday, 12/6: Took a quick break Tuesday afternoon to enjoy this delicious Big Kat. Seriously, those are the best kind of Kit Kats.

Wednesday, 12/7: Every year, my division hosts a holiday party, and each department donates cans, which we decorate for table centerpieces. I made these adorable little can people (one for each department), complete with tiny eyes and tiny arms. They make me giggle every time I look at them!

So, how was your week? Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?

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  1. I LOVE chicken and dumplings!!! YUM! Also, those Starbucks ornaments are so cute, as are your can people! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the package! I thought it was so funny when I saw it was from you, because at the beginning of the exchange I saw you on Elfster and started following your blog because I hadn't seen it before. Then I was like, "Oh! My gift is from her!!!" Haha! I was going to wait to thank you until I posted about it for the link-up, but I couldn't help it since I was commenting on this now. :)

    1. Chicken and dumplings is one of my favorite things, but I've only had other peoples (and Cracker Barrell's, because it's delicious!). I urge you to try Mar's recipe if you like to cook at all.
      And you're welcome! I'm so glad you like it. I was creeping all your social media and your blog and goodreads to figure out what you liked, so I hope I did okay!