Two Weeks in Photos: 47&48/52

Hi there, friends. Happy December! December!  It's been a while, right? Well, since I posted a week in photos post. Last Thursday was Th...

Hi there, friends. Happy December! December! It's been a while, right? Well, since I posted a week in photos post. Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, so I a little unplugged and just too busy eating, sleeping, shopping, and chatting to get a post up. I apologize! But I'm back and I've got my last two weeks worth of photos to give you some joy (if that's the kind of thing that gives you joy)!

Thursday, 11/17: I knew I'd be out late watching Fantastic Beasts, so I had a mid-day coffee break (snowman cookie included)!
Friday, 11/18: Exhaustion from being out past midnight made me forget to take a picture. I just know I was dragging through this day.

Saturday, 11/19: I had to go get my car serviced, which is out of town a little ways, so Andre and I ate somewhere new (Meat & Greet in Newnan, GA). Oh my goodness, it was so good. Easily one of the best burgers I've ever had in my life!

Sunday, 11/20: I finally got around to opening the giant package I'd received the day before to reveal this gorgeous print.

Monday, 11/21: I received an ornament in the mail from my ornament exchange buddy. I am so excited about it. The post (link-up) is happening December 13, so make sure to come back then to see what I received!

Tuesday, 11/22: I started working on a nice little DIY with these rugs. That post will be up in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, 11/23: Andre and I have discovered our new favorite Mexican restaurant, which we've gone to at least once a week for the past three weeks. We are loving this place. (One word: buffet) Also, how pretty is this building?

Thursday, 11/24: Happy Thanksgiving from the Miller girls. Me, my sissies, and my mommy. I love these ladies!

Friday, 11/25: I snatched myself some comfy new jammies from Kohl's during hybrid Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping and basically have lived in them since (you know, besides going out in public, but once I get home, these bad boys are going on.)

Saturday, 11/26: Funny story. I stayed up late with several plans to get this tablet for $30 (Amazon, Target, Staples, Best Buy. I had plans for them all online). I ordered it, and then there were still literally hundreds left at Best Buy in-store when we went Saturday. Anyways. I also received this in the mail on Saturday straight from Amazon, already loaded with my info on it. What? Technology is weird, guys.

Sunday, 11/27: I'm almost there y'all. Just one week left of my first semester of graduate school. Fingers crossed I've got all As and Bs. (Keep me in your thoughts!)
Monday, 11/28: I apologize for missing another picture. I wasn't feeling well, plus I had work and class. Looooong day.

Tuesday, 11/29: After who even knows how long of no rain, then a severe drought in our area and surrounding areas with wildfires (it's gotten really bad in Gatlinburg, TN. Prayers, prayers for everyone. It is so tragic!), we got a crazy amount of rain on Tuesday (and an actual tornado on Wednesday. What is this world?). 

Wednesday, 11/30: It was a pretty good mail day, y'all. We got some Christmas gifts (for others) in the mail! Plus, I received this awesome blanket (that I actually may wear as a scarf, lol) from my Secret Santa blogger buddy! Yippee!

Sooooo, if you read all of that, please let me know how your last couple of weeks have been! Mine sure were busy (and I'm still exhausted)!

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  1. Sounds like a fun couple of weeks. P.s. that snowman cookie is so cute. :]

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