Weekend Adventures: Atlanta History Center

A couple of weekends ago, Andre and I took a trip to the Atlanta History Center . As Bank of America customers, there are several mus...

A couple of weekends ago, Andre and I took a trip to the Atlanta History Center. As Bank of America customers, there are several museums within the country that can be visited for free during the first full weekend in each month. A couple of years ago, we took a visit to the High Museum, so we decided to do something different this year and visit somewhere we hadn't been before. (PS to us, we need to go to museums more often.) 

I had expected the museum to be more like natural history (think Museum of Natural History), but I guess that's more of the Atlanta Fernbank type experience. Several of the exhibits were closed for renovations, but we visited just the Atlanta Stories room and the American Indians exhibit. There were additional exhibits and old farm houses and historical houses around the property. 

Stories of Atlanta

The Stories of Atlanta exhibit as my favorite. We experienced different pieces of Atlanta history, but the most outstanding moment of the day was watching a short (approximately 10 minute) monologue about the desegregation of Atlanta Public Schools. It was moving and beautiful. 

The Swan House

We also took a quick visit and tour of the Swan House, which was beautiful and actually still housed several of the original pieces of furniture. The Swan House even hosts weddings, and I could see why. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Souper Jenny

After The Swan House, we were pretty hungry, so we headed over to Souper Jenny, which was attached to the museum's gift shop. I had a bowl of green soup, which had a ton of kale and spinach, and was actually really delicious. I also ate a salad with oranges and cherries and whatnot in it. The food was all so fresh and delicious, which I definitely enjoyed. There are four Atlanta locations, so I would definitely recommend checking one of them out. Since the ingredients are fresh, the menu changes daily.

What weekend adventures have you taken lately?

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  1. The book blind date is the coolest idea! It looks like you two had a really fun time. I can't believe that spinach and kale soup was good haha