My Experience with the Food Delivery Service Home Chef

I'm sure by now you've heard all the hoopla surrounding home food delivery services, so I figured I would give one a spin...

I'm sure by now you've heard all the hoopla surrounding home food delivery services, so I figured I would give one a spin and report back. 

I chose to go with Home Chef, which provides meals starting at $9.95 per serving per meal. For our first box, we chose to go with two meals (two servings of each): Steak Moutarde with Sweet Potato Wedges, and Piedmont Chicken Breast with Caprese Salad. 

Ordering was easy enough. Just choose your meal options, how many servings, and your delivery day. What's really awesome is you can even look through other recipes, so if you only ordered two meals, but were semi-interested in another meal, you can print out the recipe for later, and pick up what you need at the grocery store.

We chose to receive our order on a Wednesday, so that Wednesday morning, I received an email letting me know the order was on its way - then it was there when I got home!

The delivery included a binder for recipes, the recipes (which were easy to follow) and most of the ingredients. Some things that were not included were things like olive oil, salt, and black pepper. While I definitely had those items in my pantry, I would have liked for the box to include those things so I would immediately have everything on hand. My thinking is some people don't use olive oil, and instead use canola oil. Adding that into the box could be helpful for some people.

The ingredients were all separate and labeled so they were easy to identify and it made prep a breeze. Something I didn't expect was for the chicken to have skin and bones, so that was a little rough for me - I already struggle a bit when it comes to cooking chicken. (It just weirds me out, okay??)

While my finished product may not be as lovely as the photos included, the food was definitely good. I enjoyed the meals, but the Piedmont Chicken meal left me wanting a little more. I would have liked to have an additional side (maybe a starch or something). The Steak Moutarde will definitely be cooked again in the future. I learned how to cook the perfect steak and will definitely be topping with grained mustard again.

While I enjoyed the meals, Andre didn't love them - so it's not something we will continue to order. I will definitely keep an eye out for recipes on the site, but the delivery option versus shopping at the grocery store wasn't something that made the cost worth it for me. If I'm spending $10 a meal/serving, but still having to fully cook and prepare the meal - I just don't feel like it's that much of a convenience.

I can see why others are absolutely loving the trend, but it's not something that really seemed worth the cost and cook time. If you're interested, you can try Home Chef for $30 off using this link.

Have you tried a home food delivery service? What were your thoughts?

I received this product free for review from Home Chef, however, as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. That's a great review of the food delivery service! We did Blue Apron for a while and we liked it but I recently got a Crock Pot so that makes things very convenient. Not being able to drive to the grocery store definitely puts a hitch in the whole grocery shopping process around here because carrying groceries on public transit isn't fun so I can see why lots of people do it here. If we still lived in Nashville I definitely wouldn't do any kind of food delivery services.

    1. I can definitely see a delivery service making sense when you live in the city and lugging groceries around is terribly inconvenient!

  2. My best experience with food delivery services like GrubHub, DoorDash, and Home Chef is that they deliver to my parties. This often happens at student accommodation. Obviously, I couldn't stay long, as I was working. But it would be nice to be treated like that. Also, they wrapped my foods with food delivery thermal bags so my cold drinks stay cold and my hot items remain hot.