Book Review: Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

Brief synopsis : Milly's mother is a serial killer of children, and Milly is the reason she's now in jail. As Milly prepar...

Brief synopsis: Milly's mother is a serial killer of children, and Milly is the reason she's now in jail. As Milly prepares to testify against her mother, she stays with a foster family - a nice therapist, his wife who is addicted to pills, and their bully of a daughter. As a young teen, Milly still yearns for acceptance from her mother. As she struggles between her good and bad thoughts, she has figure out which side she will choose.

I wanted to like this book. I really did. The premise of Good Me Bad Me is insane. The story follows Milly, who is 14, and she has recently reported her mother for being a serial killer. Her mom's arrested and Milly goes to stay with a foster family throughout her mother's trial. She struggles between understanding how terrible her mother is as a person, while also really wanting to seek love and approval from her. While the plot is a gruesome one, I was really intrigued by the storyline.

I honestly can't put my finger on what I did/didn't like. I rated the book 3/5 stars because I was so neutral about it once it was over.

For what the story was about, I felt like it was very slow-paced. The climax was within the last 20 or so pages, and I just didn't feel that I was invested in any of the characters. The story was only told from Milly's perspective, however, I think that switched perspectives could have really amped up the novel.

I wouldn't deter anyone from reading  this book whatsoever, but I'm also not jumping at the chance to convince people to read it either. I don't really have any strong feelings towards it in any way.

If you're really into psychological thrillers set at a slower pace, this could definitely be up your alley. However, there is a lot of violence towards children - so keep that in mind if choosing to read this one.

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