HBO Celebrates Harry Potter with Hogwarts House Challenge

Obviously, if you've ever visited the blog at all - you know I love Harry Potter. It is honest to goodness one of my favorite things in ...

Obviously, if you've ever visited the blog at all - you know I love Harry Potter. It is honest to goodness one of my favorite things in the entire world. Seriously. I have three Harry Potter tattoos, we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for our honeymoon, I've been wearing my Hogwarts sweatshirt nonstop for weeks. So, when HBO reached out to invite me to a Hogwarts House Challenge event, I obviously jumped at the chance. (Seriously, work was cancelled the day of the event because of ice/snow, but I still made it out.) The event was set to take place to celebrate all eight films (and Fantastic Beasts) becoming part of the HBO lineup. This means viewers can now watch any of the Harry Potter films commercial-free and uncut for the first time.

I was so pumped to attend, and I brought along my sister as my plus-one (even though there's not too much she knows about Harry and friends).

Let me tell me how cool this thing was. 

First, free food and drinks. So obviously, that was a major yes! Mini burgers and hotdogs, tiny corndogs, donuts, coffee, nachos. Oh, and free wine and beer.

So, I will be honest I had no clue what to expect. But things flowed pretty seamlessly.

Upon arrival, we were provided with complimentary valet parking. Then, once we entered the building, we were sorted into our house. I obviously requested to be placed into Hufflepuff and the ladies were so nice to comply. We were also treated with a chocolate frog.

Each house was divided into separate tables, with about 10 people per table. (My sister was pumped about getting table 13 - it's her "lucky number.") Each table was a team within the house. I enjoyed that the tables were long to give the illusion of the Great Hall (granted, round tables would have sufficed a bit better for trivia discussion).

We were able to mingle for about an hour, to eat, drink, and to view some actual film props - including Bellatrix's dagger, Slughorn's hourglass, Magical Drafts and Potions, Tom Riddle's diary stabbed with the basilisk fang, and Lucius' CAUGHT poster.

Once we got situated, we got started on the Hogwarts House Challenge.

Our table/team of 10 had to put up our personal cell phones (no cheating!) and one person (the Quidditch captain) was given control of a magical iPhone5, which we used to record our answers to trivia questions that were displayed on big screens at the front of the hall. Some questions were multiple choice, some fill-in-the-blank, and some were even HBO related. We created a team name - there were some really great ones (The Gryffindorables, Slytherinto Your DMs, Two Girls - One Goblet of Fire, lol). We were the Hotlanta Hufflepuffs. We also took a team picture.

There were also small challenges every 15 questions or so.

We were able to create superlatives with our team members. We played a round similar to Family Feud. And we played a spelling game, as well.

Then came the awards - which my team won none of. I will say we got every. single. Harry Potter question correct. It was the HBO ones that really defeated us, I think.

The awards were...

Best individual costume - a Hogwarts Alumni hoodie.

Best team photo - Harry Potter Pop! Funkos for each team member.

Highest team score - Harry Potter scarves and wands for each team member.

Highest house score - Hogwarts Alumni hoodies for each team member.

Even though we didn't win, we did have a total blast. It was great to spend an evening with a group of Harry Potter fans.

 I attended the kick-off event in Atlanta on January 18. Other events will take place in Boston on January 25 and in Denver on January 31. Tickets are limited and will be available on HBO's Facebook. This is a free event, but seating is limited.

All the Harry Potter films are available now on HBO streaming services.

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  1. This looks like the coolest thing EVER! I’m glad you had a fun time. And I love your bright yellow sweatshirt! :)


  2. What a cool even to be able to attend! I must say, I am VERY VERY EXCITED that all the HPs are on HBO. This is my dream something-on-in-the-background-while-I-work-from-home situation.

    1. YES! It's always great to have something on the background. If I'm not reading, then I typically have something going on the tv.

  3. Love your post and view on this event. I had the greatest time, even with my lack of HP knowledge. You're the best!

  4. this looks amazing! I'm obsessed with HP too, cannot wait to make it back to the wizarding world

    1. Yes! WWOHP is my happy place. I love it there so much.