Adventure/Safari Themed Baby Shower

I've been friends with one of my best friends for almost as long as I can remember, so when she told me she was expecting he...

I've been friends with one of my best friends for almost as long as I can remember, so when she told me she was expecting her first child - obviously, I was ecstatic. When she said the nursery theme would be "adventure, but with animals and stuff," I was thoroughly confused. The theme (which was mostly based off a nursery set) consisted of jungle/safari animals and almost a camping-type theme with arrows and tents. So, we kind of took some liberties in the shower in a theme we deemed "Adventure/Safari." 

I was lucky enough to co-host with two other friends who were the easiest to work with. Honestly, we would make plans in mere minutes. It was amazing. It also was a great experience, because we were all really smart when it came to budget and were able host the shower fairly inexpensively. 

The venue we rented included all the tables and chairs we needed, plus a full-size kitchen (with everything except an oven/stove), which definitely was a plus. Decorations were mostly DIY, we made all the food, and I commissioned a coworker to make the cake. The invitations (not pictured) were made on Canva then printed on heavy cardstock. 

We used chalk markers and posterboards to make all the signage. The cutesy animal outlines were a big hit. We got the vases, faux flowers, and plastic animals from the Dollar Tree. The paper animal cutouts we got from Etsy for guests to write sweet notes to the babe, and will be doing something special with those for a guestbook alternative! The tiny elephant frame was from Party City, and we simply printed out a still from the 3D ultrasound (stolen off Facebook) to put in the frame for a bit of a special touch.

We were all ultra-excited about these mountains. We used foam board and metallic gift bags to make the mountains and mountaintops. The clouds are literally just cutout posterboard with skewers taped to them then stuck into the foam board of the mountains.

I'm obsessed with the zebra rug and giraffe bust, which we used for decoration then gifted to the sweet mama-to-be for nursery decor. We used animal crackers in the vases for an extra special touch that was both cutesy, and theme-related.

Overall, the shower went off without a hitch. Everyone really enjoyed it, especially the mama-to-be and her family, so no complaints here.

Have you ever hosted a baby shower? What worked best/worst for you?


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