Book Review: The Little Book of Feminist Saints by Julia Pierpont & Illustrated by Manjit Thapp

Brief synopsis : Full-color illustrated portions accompany mini stories about 100 women who have made significant changes in the w...

Brief synopsis: Full-color illustrated portions accompany mini stories about 100 women who have made significant changes in the world over the past several hundred years. Each woman gets a one-page anecdote, that delves a bit deeper into why their a significant individual in fights for human rights, discoveries in sciences and programming, and more.

Women make the world go 'round. I believe that with every ounce of my soul, because after all, none of us would be here with the woman who carried and birthed us. The Little Book of Feminist Saints is a mini devotional dedicated to ground-breaking, rule-breaking women is a wonderful addition to any collection of books. The artwork is stunning. The stories are educational, and will make you laugh, and cry.

There were many women in this small book that is larger in ways other than physical size - some I knew of, others I'd never heard of before. It was wonderful to be able to learn about so many accomplishments in the world that were fostered by women, who oftentimes don't receive the credit they deserve.

I enjoyed the length of the anecdotes, which gave me just enough information to enjoy, but also the curiosity to seek out more. My two complaints are this: (1) About 70% of the women in the book were white. I would have really liked to see more diversity within the pages of the novel. There are so many women of color who have been white-washed out of history, or their accomplishments stolen by men. While the 30/70 ratio could have been much worse, I also believe it could have been very much better. And (2) I wish the book was longer, with more women included. Each woman (or in some cases, groups of women) is given a "feast day," a day to read from the book and celebrate that woman. I would have loved to have seen 365 women (or groups); one for each day of the year. There are for sure that many women, plus more, to celebrate daily.

I would definitely recommend picking this book up this month, just in time to celebrate Women's History month, or even in time for International Women's Day, March 8.

While I did receive this book free, I won it via a Goodreads giveaway - no review was required in exchange for this book. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

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