28 Things About Me for My 28th Birthday

Okay, okay. So my birthday's not today - it's tomorrow, but I'll be 28 and I wanted to share twenty-eight things ab...

Okay, okay. So my birthday's not today - it's tomorrow, but I'll be 28 and I wanted to share twenty-eight things about me you all probably don't know!

1. I eat spaghetti really weird when it's fresh. I eat the ground beef without sauce in a bowl topped with a bit of salt, then I eat the noodles separately, topped with butter and salt. But when the spaghetti's leftover, I eat it all mixed together with some shredded cheese tossed in.

2. My family has a family cemetery in Tennessee, and it's where we host our family reunions each year. I haven't gone in several years, but it's still going strong.

3. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was nine, and it's honestly an everyday struggle. I take shots each time I eat, plus an extra shot each night. And contrary to popular belief, it had nothing to do with my sugar intake as a child - it's a hereditary chronic condition and I have family members on both sides of my family who also have diabetes.

4. I can't ride a bike. I had a really bad bike wreck when I was nine that resulted in scars on my wrist, shoulder, and chin, as well two chipped teeth and one tooth completely broken in half. I bought a bike when I was 19/20, and tried to ride it twice, but was too terrified, so now it just sits at my parents' house.

5. I only lasted one week at my first job - it was at a grocery store and a week in, I was asked to remove my monroe piercing. I informed the manager I was waiting for a retainer to arrive and I would gladly switch it out once it did. She proceeded to fire me in front of a customer.

6. I am the baby of my family (my sisters are 8 and 9 years older than I am), and my birthday is obviously in the middle of the summer, so I always had the opportunity to choose where we went on vacation. Almost every single year from the time I was eight (with the exception of one year), I always chose Gatlinburg. I didn't realize there was so much more out there, but also a lot my family lives in or around Knoxville, so we would also stop and see them during vacation and that was the best thing ever to me. Cade's Cove in Gatlinburg is one of my favorite places ever.

7. When my blood sugar drops, there is nothing in the world like a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk. I will literally eat the peanut butter on any bread available, including hamburger or hot dog buns.

8. I haven't traveled very much (see Gatlinburg as summer vacation each year). The only times I've ever flown were for work (to Dallas, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri), but other than that I've only been to the south. Specifically, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, and quick trips (as in hours) to South Carolina and Kentucky.

9. The Fifty Shades trilogy is what got me back into reading. I stopped reading for several years, but a coworker convinced me to read Fifty Shades and it made me remember how much I enjoy reading, which is now my greatest hobby.

10. I once tattled on my literature teacher in high school, because she only had us watch movies, but not read the books. My best friend and I went to the principal about it, because we were obviously at school to learn.

11. My favorite movie as a child was Pet Sematary, and I'm super pumped it's getting a reboot next year. I was a creepy kid and would watch the movie all the time.

12. I had chicken pox twice, which is virtually impossible. The second time around, it was much worse and everywhere - including in my nose, ears and mouth. I have several scars from where I scratched myself.

13. I absolutely love milk. Seriously, I will drink milk with any meal or just as a treat. It runs in my family.

14. I waited in line recently for close to 12 hours to be one of the first 50 people at a new Moe's opening up, so I could win free burritos for a year. I was number 39.

15. I also take off work every year for Cinco de Moe's - I typically go with my mom and we get burritos and a free Cinco de Moe's tee shirt.

16. I lost 90% of my hearing when I was a child and grew up with a speech impediment. I had to have tubes, which helped me gain most of my hearing back. I don't wear any kind of aid currently, but I do often struggle with my hearing.

17. One more than one occasion, I have stopped in the middle of the road to help a turtle get across. 

18. I graduated third in my high school class with a GPA of 3.97 - I had to give a "class prophecy" about where my classmates would each be in 10 years. It was the longest speech at graduation and provided a bit of comic relief. (Our 10 year reunion is taking place this September, so we'll certainly see how right I was.)

19. My daddy named me after a character from Days of Our Lives and a mermaid (from the movie Splash).

20. I'm scared of spiders, the dark, and heights. So much so that I can hardly look over a second floor railing, and if the stairs are not solid, forget about it.

21. Every single year since I've been able to drive, I've taken my mom to Olive Garden for her birthday.

22. Growing up, we only had tv channels in the living room and dad was the commander of the remote control, so I never really watched all the teen dramas all my friends did. Thanks to Netflix and Hulu, I get to catch up now as an adult.

23. I always want to go ice skating, but I'm absolutely terrified I'm going to roll my ankle - or worse, that I'm going to fall and someone's going to chop of my fingers with their skates.

24. My typical order at Chick-fil-a is a large deluxe chicken sandwich combo with colby jack cheese, add bacon, on a multigrain bun, with my fries well done, and an unsweet tea. I finish it all up with honey roasted barbeque sauce for my sandwich and Chick-fil-a sauce for my fries.

25. I've auditioned for American Idol and The Voice. I now refuse to watch AI, because the people you seen on tv that are terrible? That had to have made it through a few rounds before even getting to see the celebrity judges, so when you see them on tv, they've gotten through several rounds and actually think they can sing because "they've made it," but ultimately, they're just getting laughed at and that is so cruel.

26. Hubby and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for our honeymoon, and it was honestly the best week of my entire life. I still think about it all the time.

27. I've been 5'7" since I was in 7th grade, so I used to get mistaken for much older, but now I appear younger than I am.

28. I was 18 or older during the release of the last three Potter films (Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows Parts I and II). For each film release, I went the day of and got a Harry Potter tattoo: glasses and a lightning bolt, the Marauders in their animagus forms, and the mark of the deathly hallows.

What do we have in common? What's much different? Tell me a few things about you!

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  1. happy happy happy birthday! I love that you used this to shed some light on diabetes, it has such a negative stereotype that's not always fair. And yes to all things HP--I finally made it there last year and I don't know what took me so long.

    1. I always try to educate others - I hate diabetes jokes about how something's "so sweet it'll give you diabetes." It drives me out of my mind. I was 9 when diagnosed and children are diagnosed younger than that. It's just very frustrating how it's perceived.
      And yay for HP! I love everything about it so much.

  2. Oh man, the idea of drinking milk makes my stomach turn. I never did growing up, & it feels so foreign to me because I only ever think of milk as a baking ingredient; it's like, if someone said, "I love drinking olive oil for breakfast!" Guhhh. Ha.

    I went to Harry Potter World a few years ago with my ex & loved it SO FREAKING MUCH. I haven't been since they've expanded it, & I'd love to take my Harry Potter-loving husband!

    1. Omg - drinking olive oil. Lol. I'm a huge milk fan - I've always drank it with my meals.

      And you two should certainly go. They have really terrific packages on the Universal website - we chose one that had 4 days/3 nights at a partner hotel right across from the park, three-day park-to-park passes (required passes to be able to ride the Hogwarts Express), a Shutterbuttons moving photo, $10 gift card for Universal, and breakfast at both the Three Broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron. So if you do plan to go, definitely check out those options!