8 Reasons to Plan the Vacation of Your Lifetime

In the world we live it, it can be difficult to take time off work or relax . I mean, if we do take off work - it may be for illness o...

In the world we live it, it can be difficult to take time off work or relax. I mean, if we do take off work - it may be for illness or for personal errands. It can be hard to take time for yourself. We often rely on others to tell us when it's time to slow down or take a break. And saving money can be difficult. There's actually research that shows planning time off or a great vacation provides plenty of benefits, including an increase in physical health and happiness. It can also help lend towards career success, because time off can leave you refreshed mentally and emotionally, ready to be back on your A-game. And if we're being honest: it's super fun to travel. See the world. Meet new people. Experience new cultures. Taste new foods. It may be exhausting, but man, is it worth it.

Do it now, while you can. Experience life with those you love. If you still need convincing that booking the vacation of a lifetime is a good idea, then check out these eight reasons to start planning the dream getaway right now.

Turn goals into a plan

Maybe right now you only have goals about where you want to go and what you want to experience. If you start making a note about what you want from a vacation, you're actually more likely to go on your dream trip. The more you look into the places you want to visit, the more you’re going to be likely to start buying tickets and making plans. Making plans, you can think about how you want to travel, and finding reliable property for rent, too, so that you’re not spending a ton of cash on different fees that are associated with many accommodations. Travelling is all about experiences and food and enjoying the scenery; if it’s not about that, then you’re not going to be able to enjoy yourself very much.

Plan longer so you can be away longer

If you’re taking the usual long weekend for time-off as your full-length vacation, maybe you haven't planned your time well enough. There are places that surely require you to be away from one to two weeks at a time in order to experience everything, and if you want to make the most of those place, then you should probably plan to be away longer than just a weekend. Make sure that while you’re planning to consider an itinerary that lasts you longer than a few days - or maybe throw the itinerary out the window. There is much bigger difference in rest and relaxation when you plan to be away for longer.

Stay sane & stress-free with a little organization

Being out and in the world in new places you don't know well can be stressful. The travelling times needing to be met, the last minute cancellations and delays, and don't even get me started on the rush of security checkpoints - that’s stressful. It can really rob you of your happiness if you’re spending more time worrying about your poorly planned vacation and the possible delays than if you were actually seeing the world. It's important to try to be as organized as possible while planning so you can feel more energized about the vacation of your dreams, and once you have your timings and itinerary planned out, you’re less likely to stress during the actual break.

Travelling can get you ahead

Did you know that sacrificing your vacation time won’t necessarily get you ahead in your chosen career field? Many believe that it will, but all it will do is make you stressed out. Those who take their time off as they are given it are generally better performers and more productive than those who refuse to take time off at all. This then means that they're more likely to receive workplace bonuses and promotions over others. Taking the time off that you deserve is important, and if you’re going to be more likely to take on bonuses and extra responsibilities, then surely a vacation is going to further your career for you?

Dreams are happiness

The happiest part of going on vacation happens before you even get to the airport. Everyone knows that feeling of anticipation when you're counting down to your vacation days? Yeah, that’s the bit. The daydreaming and planning makes us happy, and when you finally make it from a dream to a real plan, that’s when it all becomes most exciting. Your dream vacation is going to give you the utmost happiness, especially if you plan for it in advance.

Don’t blow the budget

A big part of staying happy during a dream vacation comes with planning your finances correctly before you even go. Planning in advance gives you the chance to save for your vacation long in advance, allowing you to space out payments and savings for spending money without compromising your general day-to-day expenses. It also means that you can enjoy a multitude of experiences while you’re away without maxing out your credit cards and going into debt. Things like accommodation, day trips, and group tickets can be bought in advance, spreading the financial load and minimizing your stress levels while you do it. It also gives you the chance to shop around for the best deals. Savings targets are important, and you should put emphasis on those targets so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

Planning means you pay less

If you book your flights in advance you are more likely to make cash savings than if you try to bag a last minute deal. For some places, advanced booking is a must if you want to be able to lock in some great deals. Things like your accommodation and your food can all be super-planned, and doing all of this early means that whatever you actually manage to save up can be spent wisely and as you please while you’re away. There’s nothing wrong with saving and being a planner when it comes to your finances for vacation - the better you plan this, the more you will have to enjoy yourself.

Freedom feels freeing

The freedom you get with a dream vacation doesn't just come with getting away from your desk. It comes from the financial freedom that comes with a vacation in the first place. That type of freedom is so hard to find, and the more you pay for your vacation early, the less pain you get financially while you’re away. Plus, the more you enjoy your planning stages, the more free things will feel while you’re away as you’re not scrambling to pay for things.

You already know that you're likely long overdue for a vacation and one that you have been dreaming of can be your new reality. Taking the time to properly plan your daydreams can make a huge difference to the way you experience certain areas of your life. If you know you are going to be a happier and more relaxed person by having a long vacation, take it! There is nothing wrong with doing something for you that’s going to make you feel joy. A vacation can take as long as you want to plan, and with careful research you can make your planning stage last so that you get the best deals on everything and anything. Do a little research today and see what you can come up with - you may be surprised!

*This is a collaborative post.

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