5 Ways I've Been Strong This Year

What does it mean to have strength? It could truly mean so many things. Strength can be physical, mental, emotional. Strength can be mak...

What does it mean to have strength? It could truly mean so many things. Strength can be physical, mental, emotional. Strength can be making a comeback or getting through a time some may deem as being "weak." We are all strong in our own ways, and that's what makes it so wonderful to be a human being.

I don't often talk about my weight here, but I am overweight (aka fat). And I feel like I'm on some never-ending journey to lose weight, or become healthier, or gain strength. But I can be strong without being skinny. In fact, skinny may never be in the cards for me and if that's true, it's okay. I can pull my happiness from things that have nothing to do with my weight. Let's just think about all the things our bodies do for us.

Our bodies get us through our lives, and through all of our happiest moments, our saddest moments, those that are the most painful. Women's bodies are beautiful and can create life. And yes, sometimes our bodies fail us in the things we want the most - babies, or a working pancreas, or any of our senses. But overall, they're amazing and impressive and they teach us to be strong in some of the most difficult ways.

And we can be strong in other ways. Just this year, I've been strong in so many ways.

I made it through my comprehensive exams. Granted, I won't receive my scores back until March 4, so who knows how it went, but I did it. These exams determine if I get to graduate in May.

I've read nine books so far! I love to read and I enjoy it, but it is definitely a form of strength - both mental and emotional, at times.

I've cooked dinner at home at least three times a week all year, which is absolutely out of character, but has been good and oddly relaxing. I've even hand-washed dishes all year so long (and not used the dishwasher at all).

I've worked hard to impact hundreds of students, and that feels strong and uber important.

I've hardly bitten my nails (just once, during comps week!) at all so far this year, and my hands feel mostly healthier than usual.

These may seem small and irrelevant, but they aren't. They prove I can do things that are strong all the time.

What are some things you've done lately that took strength? 

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  1. I love this. We can all feel like failures in so many ways that it's SO important to raise ourselves up & give ourselves a pat on the back for all the many ways we're succeeding. Good for you!

    1. YES! It seems to be an issue for women as a whole. We don't celebrate our successes and lift ourselves up enough, and we've got to be better about taking care of ourselves!

  2. This is awesome! There are so many ways to carry strength outside of just physical strength and we should be celebrating them all! You are a rockstar!

    1. Thank you so much! I need a daily reminder that strength isn't only a physical trait, but it's good to remember!